Body heat.


The title sounds a bit like one of those risque films from the 1970s. But I’m sitting here in my cosy little flat on my very comfortable sofa wondering why my top half is warm and my legs feel like blocks of ice. Funnily enough my feet are fine. It wasn’t like this yesterday and may well be different tomorrow-you can never tell. A a result one of the legs is really twitchy and just downright uncomfortable. Sometimes my feet will be cold and everything else is warm.

So there you have it-each body part with its own micro climate. All part of the MS deal.

Bright and breezy in East Sussex today.


Hi Steve,

My body thermostat has been haywire for years now…I very often have frozen feet but the rest of me is hot and you can pretty much guarantee that if I’m cold everyone else is hot…or the other way around!

For the last few evenings I’ve had something similar to you …I’ve had a fleece dressing gown and a blanket around my lower half which has been like ice and a thin nightie on my top half which is over heating!

No Rhyme or reason!

Nina x

Hi Steve, yes I get it too. Boiling up top and freezing legs!

All part of the joys of MS!

Pat xx

Hi Steve

Me too, quite often top and bottom of my body are totally opposite, one hot and one freezing.

What a joy ms is!!

Pam x

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Yes, I have this too. What fascinates my daughter though is how my body temperature varies. I can’t tell lies about having pain as if she sees me struggling she can guess where the pain is and my body becomes very warm in those areas. So all she does is put her hand where she knows I hurt and my body temperature will tell her if I’m being honest. And then I get bullied until I’ve taken my painkillers. So Steve’s comment about micro climates is very appropriate in my case and made me smile. My body betrays me even when I’m just trying to act brave and stop people worrying.

My legs are usually cold but since I’ve had ms my hands and feet don’t get as cold as they used to. I used to get white fingers and toes even in summer if it rained and I’ve only had it happen a handful of times since I became ill.

Take care

Cath x

Hi Steve,

Me too!! As I write this my feet are frozen and my top half is boiling. My feet and legs are in spasm.

The joys.

Mags xx