Hot or cold

Hi guys

I was diagnosed last August with PPMS, came as a bit of a shock, but thinking about it have probably been suffering from this for quite a few years. The symptoms only became more of a problem in 2016/17, more my legs, back pains and always feeling a bit light headed so decided I’d try and get to the bottom of the problem.

My question is regarding being hot and cold.

Last winter 2017/18 l found my legs ached and work was a challenge (12 hours on my feet on a busy ward) but this year.

(I am on sick since sept "18 getting my head round things) although I exercise I can no longer do what I did before going off sick and my legs are really stiff (like 2 planks) with a pressure inside my hips.

Do you think this is the effect of the cold weather ?

Another thing I noticed was ( I’m on the change - joy!!) The heat / sweat used make me feel very uncomfortable but I’ve been talking HRT for a month now and that side of things seem a lot better.

Now that I’ve taken the heat out of me do you think that this would also affect me making me more of a cold person thus affecting the quality of my legs.

Thanks in advance

Hello Felix.

It’s common to be affected by temperature but it often manifests itself in a variety of ways.

I think it’s confusing for everyone. I’m useless over 22 degrees.

Sorry I can’t help any more other than say you need to put yourself first. It’s not selfish, it’s necessary.

Best wishes.


Thanks for your input Steve.

Too hot or too cold, both cause issues for me. Too cold & I experience stammering, spasticity & more toilet urgency.

Too hot & blurred vision & dizziness takes charge.

Similar to what Steve mentioned, there is a good place.

I’ve got 3 fans for keeping cool & fan heaters for warmth. Once you find your comfort zone, take note. It’s a good place to know what situations are best to avoid.

I once walked through a sauna & couldn’t make it out. The tour guide was apparently an MS expert, which says it all really.

When MS kicks in, everything they know, goes out the window.


Thanks Terry

Yes, the heat thing is called Uthoff’s phenomenon and I suffer badly with that. It came to a head about 3-4 weeks before I was diagnosed, I had to call the gym to tell them I couldn’t teach, cos one leg just wouldn’t lock out after that quick dip in the bath…

Likewise, if it’s too cold my muscles just seize up and the spasticity worsens, so uber tight muscles and stiffness.

I also have one extremely cold foot/ankle which I believe is due to nerve damage, in fact I mention it in my last blog if you have a few mins to read Allow me to introduce you to my MS a.k.a. MuSh #myMuSh - my MuSh

I’ve found that good warm slippers and Magicool are on my essentials list always

Sonia x

Thanks Sonia

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My internal thermometer is broken too, I’m going through the change (oh the joys!). Like the others have mentioned, sore limbs and muscle spasms in the cold, dizziness etc in the heat. This winter is very odd in that I’ve only been able to tolerate my central heating at ten degrees and I’m constantly taking my cardigan off and then putting it on again. When my daughter comes to visit from uni she turns the heating up and I can’t breathe!!!

On a positive note, my winter bills won’t be anywhere near as high as usual. I’ve found the damp makes my muscles and nerves a lot more painful though. Anyone else find that the case?


My mum had MS for maybe 10 years now. At the moment she has reduced her symptoms to 0 after almost being suicidal with pain and horrific symptoms. There is a way if anyone wants more info please contact me.

Dannyg. What a cryptic first post from a new member.

Im trying to help but need not to use certain words lol hence the request for messaging me.

I just want to help remove these awful symptoms and I have found a way that’s also beneficial for other health issues.