Uhthoff's phenomenon

Reading up on this, after being advised by my MS nurse. Very useful info indeed.

I had to cancel a lesson at the gym when I couldn’t make my right knee lock out after a quick bath. I never went back to teach again and my MS diagnosis came a few weeks later. I hadn’t even twigged the heat had anything to with walking problems - until the letter came after my diagnosis and I was confused about the issues we’d discussed. Not just Uthoffs, there was also l’hermittes.

The temp of our shower is now put back to a cooler option, if you’re gonna use our shower. I’ve discovered that just the time of sitting on my bath board to soap my feet up, is quite long enough before I stand and turn it down to mess with my system.

Sonia x

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Indeed Sonia. I was in a hot bath & couldn’t get out. I dragged myself out & crawled outside to some snow. Instantly the merry go round I was on stopped. It might of looked odd. Someone sitting naked in the snow, but it worked. I love the snow now, yet hate the cold. Now, whenever I’m struggling to walk. I put my bare legs under a cold shower & I imediately start feeling better. I have a cold spray of onion & garlic water now. It’s awesome! The scent acts like smelling salts too. All my best Sonia. Terry

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In the early days, I felt quite capable of going abroad with a tent and putting one up.

Then one hot day in France, I started to struggle to lift my left arm above my head.

It then became obvious I was affected by heat.

No more pool holidays for me then!


I think you’ll be okay for pool holidays Steve. Just keep cool & do what the natives do. Terry

Have a quick google/youtube on the Wim Hof method (not a joke, lots on youtube too), if you have some time on your hands. I want to give it a try but need a bit of time to commit to it

Take care

Sonia x

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Baths always made me turn to mush . We have fitted a wet room it’s so much better. Recently when we were away I had to use a low level bath , I felt awful afterwards , I was completely drained. Michelle and Frazer xx

The good thing about a wet room or any shower is that if you’re getting to hot you can cool it down.

On hot mush days, I was in lukewarm then sit under cold for a good five minutes.

It works.

Woof x


I don’t think I’d cope with cold showers , I’ve always loved being warm . On holiday I sat in a Jacuzzi for too long and slithered along the floor like a slug it was awful trying to heave myself back into the wheelchair which is left at the side of the Jacuzzi. I think my thermostat is broken. I get very cold and even when the rest of me is warm I always have cold feet like cold to the bone . Thank goodness for my heated throw . Michelle and Frazer xx

All this talk of cold showers on a hot day like today. Thank heavens for the wet room. When I was on Baclofen for the first year. I was unable to do anything. Now I’m taking no medication, eating healthy & exercising. Feeling a lot better. I even went for a walk at the skate park. Taking photos of all the Graffitti. Take it easy in the warm weather folks & keep hydrated.

Did you try the wim Hof Sonia? I’m interested in the results if so.