I have a hot body!

Hopefully the thread title got your attention!

sorry, there are no photos of my incredibly toned (as if) physique.

Over the last couple of days I’ve noticed that the right side of my body is hot. It’s noticeably warmer than the left side. Even my right ear is warmer than the left. Anyone else experience this?


i have permanently hot feet but cold hands.

i think of ms as an electrical fault.

just hope that i don’t go up in flames.

definitely one to report to the ms nurse or neuro.

carole x

I have a hot body nearly all the time , my husband thinks my thermostat is on the blink , I can’t get cold , I walk about dressed for summer pretty much all year round. their is one consolation I get lots of hugs in the winter .

I’m waiting for the film rights to “Hot Body” I think I could clean up on specialist websites.

I’ve come on here today specifically to search for Derek’s hot body, hope that makes him smile

I’ve been experiencing heat - I am right now as it happens! - on my right hip and thigh. The skin’s not physically getting hotter, but I feel a quite intense glow over the area. Like you get from those capsicum based pain relief heat rubs. It’s kind of bizarre, but not at all unpleasant during these cold days.

Is yours like that, Derek?

This is one of my main symptoms and has been since diagnosis. I have an air cond machine that I use all year round.

I put it down to uhthoff’s phenomenom.

Shazzie xxx

I wish I could say I USED to have problems with that uhthoff’s phenomenon but I don’t any more. But really I just avoid situations that trigger it for me, deep hot baths are a thing that don’t exist in my world any more, Churchill would be proud of my baths, barely enough water in them to cover my feet! But because of that, no more episodes where I can get into the bath just fine but am almost unable to get out of it.

It’s also pretty cold in my flat compared to the average home, if I’m going to be at my Mum’s I have to make sure that I’m dressed in a way that enables me to remove my top layer once her heating comes on in the evening, because I really can’t deal with a room temp of 70 degrees, I have to go and stand outside her back door! I feel too warm if my living room goes over 60. Good for my winter electricity usage though!

Hi Derek

I wondered if you were just showing off with that statement ;0). Sorry, to answer your question, I have experienced some heat localised to left arm, usually when I feel in pain or on the brink of relapse.

Have you tried a hot or cold bath as to reset the system? Again this has been of some comfort to me in the past.

Hope you feel better soon, cheers fluffyollie


I feel just about the same in my legs, they are always either too cold or very hot.

That’s how my left leg is feeling, from my thigh to my toes, it feels like itsO glowing, just like having heat a rub!On top of this, im having a scab to see if I have a uterus cyst but also need to see my gp about arthritic type pain in my right hip. Feelung fed up right now :frowning:

I’m glad I’m not the only one experiencing a heat rub glow! I was afraid of assuming it was the MS when it might not be, but if another of you has the same feeling I’m more convinced that it is that.

Hope you manage to get your other aches sorted out, not surprised you’re feeling fed up. : /

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I’ve still got the same sensation, ie right side hot left side normal. Weird.

fluffyollie, I haven’t tried a bath, as I haven’t had a bath for 7 years or so, as I can’t get in the bath, and if I could I certainly couldn’t get out! Just in case anyone was going to complain of the smell in here, I do have a shower every morning.

jellysundae, the skin not only feels hotter but actually is hotter. As I said above, it’s only on the right side.

For all those who wanted to see photos of my hot body, please send me a private mail and also send a cheque for £1,000.

Thank you.


always cold, freezing cold… but love a hot bath before going to sleep :)))

Hmmm, so, as my hot bits only FEEL hot, but actually aren’t, is that what’s classed as sensory then?

Me too, hot body problems as in temperature.Hubby has a gadget which he used to need at work that measure temp if aimed at something and I was very surprised that although some areas of my body felt much hotter to me they registered the same as the rest of my body in fact.With me it is my head which first " boils " then any random part. Makes me feel really ill sometimes. I have to use wet neck wraps (cold) all year and like others dress for summer … Very very rarely I will need a lightweight jacket outdoors. Recently however right out of the blue I have developed freezing cold feet…now if only I could reach my feet I could use them as a cool pack ! Defo broken thermostat I think. Ell.


I too suffer with this, in fact I was awake in the early hours of the morning with it, all down my right side, also in my left leg and feet, I have it all the time, it’s not nice when I get it in my face, :frowning: I also get episodes of freezer cold, when I asked the neuro he did say your thermostate is gone, great, x