I Have A Hot Ass!

I posted something similar a couple of years ago when I last experienced this.

I’ve got the sensation that the back of my thighs and buttocks seem hot. They’re not warm to the touch, but just feel hot, like the electric blanket has been left on. Sitting on the toilet seat feels like I’m sitting on a hot water bottle.

This has happened all of a sudden, as it did a couple of years back and it disappeared back then, all of a sudden.



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ah-the surprises of ms!

nothing much about it surprises me these days-expect the unexpected!

which is probably of very little help to you-sorry!


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a fantastic title for your post derek!

the random way in which parts of my body get very hot and very cold amazes me.

need a new thermostat and a rewire!

if only there was somebody to do that.

Hubby reckons I have some kind of heating element in my bum because chairs are so hot after I’ve been sitting on them. I’m not conscious of having a hot bot. Strange thing is that my hips and bum feel really cold in winter, regardless of how warm I’m dressed or how warm the room is.

It’s good to know I’m not the only person with a hot ass.

And there was me thinking you had a sexy donkey!

Serves me right for taking things so literally.


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Brings to mind the limerick Hubby wrote at the end of the first letter he sent me:

There was a young girl from Madras

Who had a magnificent ass.

Not what you might think,

Soft rounded and pink.

It was grey, had long ears and ate grass.

Ah, sweet memories!


Update - ass temperature has returned to normal. The hot ass disappeared as mysteriously as it appeared. Weird. I asked my wife if my ass was still hot. It took her about 2 days to stop laughing. Derek

Well thats good news Derek ! Cause for an ass warming, sorry cooling party - no? To maintain the temperature I’m bringing ice cream and I’d like to take the opportunity to thank Derek for sharing with us his hot ass… x