"Hot Spots"

Has anyone else experience what I can only describe as Hot Spots, areas of my body which suddenly become hot but not to touch ?

hi kazzie

i’m hot when it’s cold and cold when it’s hot.

my thermostat is truly bolloxed.

my feet are permanently burning hot.

husband’s feet are always ice cold.

we’re like jack sprat and his wife.

the sensible solution is to put our feet sole to sole.

however the daft man puts his icy feet on my calves giving me cramp!

That made me giggle, picturing 2 people going sole to sole lol, we are experiencing really warm weather at the moment yet my feet think they’re in the north pole ! but what has me puzzled and a little anxious are these random feelings of heat, but when i feel on the outside it’s normal temperature, i get it on my back, side & leg and a cold feeling on the top of my head , sorry if this sounds strange, MS is quite new to me so not sure if this is a symptom or not.