Body temperature?

Dear All, have not written for a while but do stalk the forum often… I need to ask for advice. Does anyone else struggle with keeping warm? Been diagnosed with rrms for a few years and have Tysabri infusions. Lately, I have the chills, shiver sensations. When the rest of the family are warm, I have to have hot baths often, sit under duvets and wear a woolly hat indoors. I am cold all of the time. I never get warm. Any advice? Love Ali

Sorry, no useful advice, but I do know what it is like to have a wonky thermostat. I can’t always tell if bits of me are actually freezing or this is just how I feel. The other thing that annoys me is that some bits are hot whilst others are cold and even if I have gloves and socks on it makes no difference to how my hands and feet feel to me. If you can, you should get someone with a normal thermostat to confirm if you are actually too hot or cold, you can then dress appropriately to avoid damage from being too hot or cold.

all the best mick


i forgot to say if you are that cold all the time try to see your GP who will be able to do some checks to identify and relieve any non MS signalling issues.


I have spms, have done for 13yrs and I get this all the time, in fact I go between being cold, to be too hot, my neuro told me years ago that it’s because my thermometer has gone hey wire, due to the MS, also it’s nerve pain, hope this helps, x x

Yeh, my thermostat is also kaput!

I get hot and cold all in the space of a few minutes!

Feet often are cold to touch but I cant always feel it.

MS knackers thermostats up all the time.


Maybe you need blood tests, could this be a thyroid issue?

I have spms 8 yrs & counting! Have a wonky thermostat alright. Am wheelchair bound, spc in tow… a dose of this deadly cronavirus surely will polish us msers off.