body heat!!!

I was diagnosed 2 years ago and develop new symptoms fairly regular, im unsure if they are MS related or not! for instance I am constantly warm, even hot and struggle to feel the cold I sweat profusely and have to sleep with the windows open full and radiator off, even in winter! My other syptoms include daily spasms, severe and painful neuralgia and severe tiredness! i have not recieved any great advice from my G.P are these symptoms normal?

Hi, I never know what the right temperature is! I’m either really cold its like there is freezing wateror being poured down my back or I am boiling hot.

I use to have leg spasms at night but since Istarted taking magnesium tablets Idon’t have any problems also I take lysine tablets for neuralgia which only comes back if I forget the tablets,hope this helps its worth a try.

hi ed

gp’s won’t prescribe many neuropathic painkillers (maybe gabapentin because they usually have older patients who they prescribe this for).

your neuro or ms nurse can liaise with your gp regarding meds.

wonky thermostats are definitely ms related.

good luck with your neuralgia ouch!!

carole x

Thanks guys,

Im kind of glad to hear that the temperature is MS related, it means I dont have anything else!!!


Thanks Simone - I found this comment very helpful