Body temperature

Have relapsing MS. I’ve been feeling cold when I am fatigued especially in the evenings even when it’s 24C in my home. Does anyone else feel like this.

oh yes it is the famous knackered thermostat syndrome.

whatever clever mechanism us humans have for regulating our body temperature needs a good fettling.

i feel tired when i’m cold and if my temperature is fine i suddenly get cold if i’m tired.

never a dull moment with ms.

Thank goodness it’s not just me! I have PPMS and often find that after lunch I feel really cold and tired even when the room temperature is warm.

Isn’t it amazing how this disease affects us all differently? I LOVE being cold - the colder the better! If I could live in a walk in fridge all year long I would happily do it!

Heat on the other hand, of any kind is a complete beast. I can’t even eat a mildly hot curry without feeling fatigued and/or falling over.

I am a very weird vixen.



yup , thermostat irregularity is not uncommon. I can now tell when the ambient temperature drops below 10C as my hands and feet then turn into blocks of ice. My body generally runs hot but my arms whinge about being cold quite a lot of the time. Great fun


Ditto Folks,

I say my SPMS is dictated by this weather… bizarre temperatures lately! … My bug bare is FUSTRATION! Just trying to put a rubber ear piece on my phones! Having to call out a family member again for assistance. Simple things like opening jars etc render me useless! Just having a rant to others who may understand on this forum.

I totally get the notion of frustration, it can render me incandescent with rage, right up till I remember that rage steals my valuable energy. Mick

yes, my thermostat is knacked - oddly enough before m.s. reared its ugly head I always had trouble adjusting to changes in temperature.

It is so weird, in winter even if I put on pre heated mittens my hands refuse to reach a sensible temperature. Another fun aspect is when my leg feels cold to me but if I get someone else to check they often say it is warm to them… freaky


pre- heated mittens - who does the pre-heating…?

we shoved them on to a hot radiator… nothing fancy.


A very poncey way of describing something perfectly prosaic!

I quite often have one boiling hot foot, and the other icy cold. And my hands are almost always cold. Even on a hot day. Today my hands feel frozen. My right hand is so cold it hurts.


i know of fogwits who might shove mittens on to a cold radiator and then wonder why they are not warm

if we are getting into “Top trumps” my right foot is freezing (to me) but OK when I feel it with my right hand. Sadly I no longer trust my signalling system.


I wonder what kind of numbskull would do such a fogwittery thing??

I can’t feel my feet. Unless I actually touch them with my hand. My signalling system went on holiday a long time ago.


my feet are always burning. even last time it snowed my feet were afire. oh the very thought of snow!