Temperature differing - a weird question maybe?

Aw no, that’s it Theresa… I had to unload a load of chocolate/candy from my suitcase and into my husband’s hand luggage before we could get our flight home…

this didn’t just happen once but both times we went to the US

My husband said he thinks there’s a special bit in Tesco that does overseas things too… I don’t know what website to hit first!!! Hope you enjoy

Sonia x

Thanks, Teresa xx

Hi Sonia :slight_smile:

I have this problem too, can only surmise it’s a circulation problem. Apart from using hotwater bottles and mega thick socks I remedied it by getting this (Not sure what the rules are on links so if I’m breaking rules I’m sorry)

It’s been an absolute godsend because my thermal socks are quite tight.


David x

Oh no David, why are you all putting temptation in my path?! First I find I can fave goodies online and now this!

That does look pretty comfy, I think I might have to have one (especially as he said an outright 'no’to buyng me an electric blanket for Christmas)


Sonia x

This looks fab David! Teresa xx

I swear by it, it’s not too warm it’s uncomfy, it’s amazing with no socks on, in fact I’m using it right now! Though I won’t send a pic of that :wink:

Glad I could help you all :slight_smile: xx

Ooh what’s the name of that American candy, something peanut butter cups! Very occasionally I see them on sale here. Peanut butter enclosed in milk chocolate… it’s like one of the best things ever invented. Hope all are well? I’ve absolutely no news at all but enjoying myself pottering around at home. Anyone else the Father Brown Mysteries in the afternoon? Pat xxx (smiley face).

That is ‘anyone else LIKE the Father Brown Mysteries’… Pxx

From feet to nuts-it could only happen here. I’m a Japanese rice cracker fan myself! x

It’s always very impressive how quickly the conversation can swing and end up with chocolate based delicacies. Personally, I prefer warm feet, but then I have a healthy dislike of the sweet stuff.

Not complaining mind and just an observation.

LOL how true! Pat :slight_smile:

Reese’s peanut butter cups Pat? Maybe! Teresa xx

That’s it Teresa! After posting that I had to eat two teaspoonfuls of peanut butter and am fighting the urge for a third… shouldn’t really buy stuff like that. The bit of my brain that says ‘enough’ does not work. I blame the elf. Pat xx

Creature comforts Whammel, that’s what it’s all about

Pat, yep Reece’s has been responible for my baggage issues 100% - when you go to the Hersheys shops over there, there are always limied edition things that catch the eye. The reece’s bars with caramel in the centre were the best thng EVER

Sonia x

Thanks Davettn I suffer as well, just gone to the web site you suggested and have place an order, hope that will help with my cold feet. Thanks Deborah


I often get what I call “Hot Patches”. I feel as if a patch of skin has a quite warm fluid running over it. Like a spilt cup of coffee. It last probably half an hour or so and then goes. I’ve no idea what causes it. It gives me no pain or any other bad symptoms so I leave well alone.

Take Care

Buffy x

Hi Buffy, that is very MS. I get it on lower legs and ‘down there’ so I think I have wet myself. Most disconcerting esp as I do sometimes leak! Long befor I knew I had MS I would often think my clothes were wet or I had wet myself. As you say, lasts about half an hour. Pat xx

I have noticed a pattern actually, get into bed and foot is freezing, I um & ah about taking the hot water bottle downstairs and filling the kettle but give it ten/twenty minutes (the ideaof walking down in fine but walkng back up is a major deterent!) and both feet feel toasty

It’s weird Buffy & Pat, I’ve imagined wet patches on clothes too and touched to check and realised dry!

With all this hot/cold business, I find more & more that I need to ‘touch’ test anything that seems unusual and usually I realise it’s my head playing tricks on me aside from the right foot, that’s often really cold!

Sonia x

I came on here to read about hot and cold issues, then ended up looking for reeses peices on the amazon uk site, my favorite is the peanut butter cup, which I found. Then I ended up looking for what I think are the best chocolates ever, Mon cheri its a dark chocolate with cherry brandy and a cherry inside.

OK so for me, its baclofen, gabapentin and a hot water bottle for my feet. thats how I manage at night.

Sorry got to go to the Amazon site to buy stuff now.

Best wishes to all


Hi Matt, LOL… I’m rather keen on those cherry choc’s myself… The peanut butter cup is on Amazon? Oh dear… kinda wish I didn’t know that… Happy shopping & have a good Sunday. Another rainy day in London. Pat xx :wink: