Circulation Booster V3 trial

Greetings folks.

Had a try of a Circulation Booster & was very impressed. So impressed, I’ve just purchased one myself from Ebay for £50.

I sat with my feet on the pads for half an hour & felt like I’d walked for 2 hours. Without even moving!

You could sit on it, or do press ups. It even comes with pads for abs & pecks.

I was advised to turn down the power & wanted more.

Says it all really.

Brilliant Terry, Does it actually improve circulation? I suffer from poor circulation my feet are always freezing, my body can be warm but my feet are like ice blocks. I’ve just bought a heated throw it’s brilliant although my 14 year old daughter keeps pinching it . They say heat isn’t good for ms but I find it brilliant I’m not officially diagnosed but it presents like ms, I’m just having to wait. The hot baths always turned me to mush I have a wet room now so its much better. Michelle and Frazer xx

hiya t

i have used one for several years as part of my treatment to promote circulation in my goosed right leg. it along with compression stockings seems to be working well for now.

yes-it can be too vigorous over time so take care. i assume u have no heart probs? thats important.

ellie x

Hi everybody, I’ve had a Circulation Booster for a few years now and it has been a good help. However a couple of years ago I was referred to the Royal Infirmary, Edinburgh because my toes were turning blue. I was diagnosed as having acrocyanosis meaning blue faraway bits like toes and fingers. My toes were always cold, as well. The consultant prescribed 3 5mg capsules of Nifedipine daily. It expands the tiny arteries in the feet, and fingers, if needed. After taking 3 capsules on day 1 I woke with swollen feet, in the morning. I cut the dose back to 1 capsule daily and vary it as required. My feet now look normal and are no longer cold through the night. I expect that you might need a doctor to prescribe Nifedipine and it might be an idea to print out my message and let your doctor see it. I hope that this might help other cold feet sufferers as well:)

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Hi there Michelle. The Circulation Booster has been a great choice. It’s not as good as the electric fan in the summer, but it’s already improved circulation after a few days. Hopefully it can distribute all these healthy treats I keep eating. My swollen limp left is feeling alive. Even my dead left arm is showing good signs. I think I’ll stick at level 50. 60 is way too powerful for me. Very stimulating though. I’ll start alternating the pads around my body once my legs feel more lively. It’s a very useful piece of kit. Thanks for reminding me to purchase an electric blanket. It’s gone super cold. I might have to buy some spikey boots, if the freeze sets in. I’ve already noticed a few black ice spots on the road. It’s crash for cash season & the time for Christmas bonus road works. Time to put some fairy lights up I think. Entice the magic to happen.

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Howdy e. I do have a broken heart, but it’s nothing Cherry Brandy can’t fix. Got loads of Coffee & Chocolate Liqueur. My fave was the Black Current Liqueur. Time to wake up the spirits. The Circulation Booster has been a great choice. I would of never known they exist if not going to my local MS group. It will be a point of call now I’m signed off at the hospital. There’s no cure for any kind of MS, so we may as well give things a go & improve the outlook. Cup of T.

Hi there Rob. I don’t go to the GP’s any more. After a bit of research & similar problems to yourself. Taking Apple Cider Vinegar & rubbing some Hemp oil & balm on problem areas. It seems to be improving. My purple foot & stiff joints have normal colour. People who want to lose weight, use ACV, because it breaks fats down.

Throw in extra Omega 3 oils, D3, B6, B12 & some Krill Oil & I’m liking the results.

Off to the shops to buy some Spinach & Broccoli to go with a Rib Eye steak for dinner. Mustn’t forget them red onions for the gravy & some jacket spuds. Eating & exercising through the problems.

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Terry, you’ve convinced me to get some acvin my next shop. No idea what to be doing with it. No doubt I’ll be checking out your other posts on it. Good to see your posts are more cheerful now too. :wink:

I’m feeling a lot more in control, since the vultures have naffed off. The 11k they stole, will tide them over for now. ACV is awesome. Especially inside my electric blanket, drinking ice cold water, to wash them down. Just brought another 3 packs. My swollen left leg is looking normal now & the circulation booster is getting them nutrients around my body far better. Things are more painfull, but I think that’s the limbs I haven’t used. I certainly won’t be going to the GP’s EVER again!

I’m glad things are going well for you , I love my heated throw it’s been the best thing I’ve bought. Michelle and Frazer xx

I agree Michelle. The heated blanket is awesome. The head stays cool & the feet can pop in or out to alternate the temperature when circulation is moving. Definately a thumbs up from me. So good I brought 2. One for the sofa & one for my bed. It saves all the wiring issues & chance of braking even more bones when moving about. Just had my ACV capsules & it’s a good hearty beef stew for dinner, with some Hovis dunker bread. The best motivator was getting my driving licence back. Having my own car to escape the locals was paramount. The further we are from drug pushers, the better. There’s only one thing that motivates them. Money is definately the route of all evil. Terry is truely wise. And no longer lives on wise Street.


Terry did you have to go for an assessment to get your driving licence back ? I asked for one because I though that they would suggest adaptions but my cognitive processes are bad and there isn’t an adaptation for that . I still feel sad over the loss of my driving , the truth is I don’t feel safe even though I wish I could drive , so they are probably right. Lee says I wouldn’t be safe . I wish there was a medication for the fatigue and slow cognitive problems . I often think the wobbly legs and weakness and double vision has spread to a wobbly head , my reflexes any good at all . I’d hate to cause an accident. Michelle and Frazer xx

You’re right Michelle. Don’t risk it for a biscuit. They refused to even assess me to drive for 3 years. Very quick to dish out medication that makes things worse though & claim I have mental problems, because of where the scarring is. Choosing to take no further medication & pursue my own health upkeep. Eating healthy & exercising. Drinking plenty of water & taking multi vitamins. It was my common sense that gave me back a life. They stole everything first! Yet, I’m back in control. Off to service my car today. Give it the care it needs, before the winter takes hold. I’m becoming a bit of a free taxi driver to friends & family. To keep active. It’s better than being driven crazy by pot heads & apparent alien invasion theorists. A scrounging tactic, I will not fall for, until I see their eyes. Cowords tend not to look us in the eyes. They need a soul, like James Brown. They steel the lead off the roof, when I’m asleep.

Oh dear I hope you haven’t got a leaky roof . I think you’ve done well coping without medication . The antidepressants always made me worry when they said about not operating machinery or driving. I’m not on them anymore , I came off when I got Frazer my assistance dog. He’s made me so much better. I think there times when people need medicine, there was a time when I couldn’t have coped without the anti depressants . I’m just on Hrt to stop me turning ito a grumpy old woman and bladder tablets and iron tablets and vit d but I forget to take the iron sometimes. I have a lot of pain in my arm but manage it so far. Michelle and Frazer xx

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You’ll be okay Michelle. Your body will tell you what it needs. After having the lead stolen from the roof, twice. It caused problems & I had to have the Electricty Junction box replaced, plus a new electric shower & all the smoke alarms replaced. For a few pounds worth of lead. They caused a damaged roof, blew all the electrics & cost thousands in repairs. All forgotten now. Forced to move forward by the idiots. It’s all caused trust issues & created wisdom. MS has made me look after number one. Sign of the times I’m told. Take it easy out there & keep snuggled up, with the electric blanket. It’s a pritty awesome invention. Mine is used often. Very good in this weather. Cosy Christmas ahead.