circulation boosters

Hi friends!

I know this question has been raised in the past, so apologies for repeating it now, bit I would appreciate some info.

I am thinking of buying a circulation booster. thought they were around the £200 mark. Just seen one on e bay…a newer model, at under £50. What do you reckon to this price? It is a new machine.

And to those of you who use/used them, did they help at all?

I know my recent doppler test produced good results, but i am wondering it it would help with my very cold legs and feet.


luv Pollx

hiya poll

i dont know re circulation booster but just wanted to say re foot spa things. the ones that vibrate when ur feet are in them. be careful-they cause me to feel sick and i believe that are not recommended for those with ms. (so my non ms friend is now proud owner of it!) i know u may have not,but maybe its similar?

hope someone has more info that i can provide!

ellie x

Ta for that Ellie.

I dont have a foot spa…too much faff to fill and empty.

But I did use one for reflexology sessions and the therapist never said owt re not being suitable for MS (in the days when I thought I had MS)

Think I`ll ask district nurse tomorrow, when she comes to do doppler test.

luv Pollx

Hi Poll,
I asked about them last year and ended up buying one for about £100 from ebay. It didn’t have the manual but it was easy to work. Remote needed new batteries.
Before I bought I asked MS nurses advice and she said try it, couldn’t do any harm.
I used it quite a few times as I have MS and Reynaulds. - found it made the tingling in my calves worse and my feet were so cold I couldn’t do it for the 30 minutes recommended. I bought the gloves too and they seem to work a bit.
They say you should have wet hands/feet for best connections - I used antiseptic wipes which worked well. Could feel the little electric shocks quite well.

Jen x

i have one that i bought 2 years ago. you can claim the VAT back on medical grounds.

i used it because being suddenly mostly sedentary (if not in bed) made me worry about my circulation.

carole x

Poll I bought a one over a year ago and used it religiously every day for exactly the same reason as you say. Personally it did not change anything for me but I guess there is no harm trying it. My MS therapist who does reflexology on me encourages me to persevere with it and get it back out of box!!! Good luck if you give it a go. :wink: Luv Linda x

Thanks all.

I have ordered one from e bay…an ex demo model for £48.

Nurse said she would normally tell folk not to waste their money and exercise legs instead!

My machine should be here Mon/Tues.

luv Pollx.