Circulation Booster VAT Relief


Think something was said on the old forum about Circulation Boosters. Has anyone got one and what do they think of them?

I have very stiff legs and poor circulation in hands and feet and am thinking of buying one, they cost a lot, almost £170, but if they help it will be worth it. Just found out that as I have MS I can get VAT relief on medical equipment - it’s one of the medical condition listed - didn’t know that.

Any advice would be greatful, thanks

Jen (typing this while wearing fingerless gloves) x

hi jen, i bought a circulation booster as i had swollen legs and feet due to being immobile - has helped and a darn sight better that diuretic pills. The company i bought mine from was BIO ENERGISER and was nowhere near the price you quoted but i don’t know if you can claim VAT exemption as I live abroad and do not qualify. good luck Dee

Before deciding on a circulation booster - do look at the Power Plate machines - l have had mine for 5yrs - it exercises the whole body - and does wonders for the core muscles. They were originally designed for ‘disabled use’ - as you can - if in a wheelchair still able to use. They are now in most gyms - and have become a favourite machine - as in 10mins of use you have had a real work out. l bought mine from idealworldtv - it did cost me £140 - but l have seen them advertised now for £89. They do not take up lots of room. l just tuck mine behind the sofa - and wheel it out when l want to use it. l started using it about 3 times a week. But now, l do a bit everyday - and also use an eliptical trainer. l have great difficulty walking -but can stride away on the trainer - especially if watching tv at the same time. lts important to keep muscles working - get the blood circulating. And the most important benefit is the ‘feel good factor’ you get afterwards.


You could try Life Plan Pine Bark Extract. It isn’t cheap at £25 ish for 90 tablets,but when I started it last year there were good effects including better colour in my feet, less nastiness in my left hand and an overall boost in energy levels.My beloved suffers with cramp sometimes,but this has lessened by her taking half a tab every third day and my Dad has similar good results with a different doseage.

Because I have had all manner of 'orrible things happening and more steroids than an Olympic weight lifter recently, when I ran out of the stuff I didn’t order any more,but the new batch is now on its way.Those with cramp don’t suffer as much now,even without the stuff, but we are all going to be chasing squirrels again pretty soon.

The stuff helps with various conditions so maybe you could have a whip round for a pot and see who benefits.


Thanks guys - lots of good suggestions.

Dee - will have a look, thanks,

Frances - used to go to a gym (when I was more mobile) used a power plate a couple of times but couldn’t stop laughing as I was being shaken about! Thought they would be ££££.

Wb - hadn’t heard of Pine bark extract will look into it. Already take a whole cocktail of vits and mins - one more won’t harm me!

That’s why I like this website, lots of helpful people. There are some CB V3’s on ebay too.

Thanks Jen xxx


A much cheaper supplement for leg pain/cramp etc is magnesium. Helps you sleep as well [and a bit of a laxative]

google it and see. Got mine from Holland and Barrett on offer.

Someone on this site mentioned it about 2months ago.


Hi F,

Thanks, just read on this site about Magnesium this week - on my shopping list and getting tomorrow.

We will all rattle the number of tablets we take.