Circulation Legex machine


I saw this machine advertised in a paper yesterday. The seller reckons it revitalises and rejuvenates lower limbs and can ultimately improve walking!

Basically you just sit down, put your feet on the footplates and switch it on. It’s meant to stimulate the muscles in your calves, feet and ankles which relieves aches and pain and can assist in walking.

It’s not cheap at £130 but what does anyone reckon?

Is it just giving false hope?


Sue xx

I bought one of these when they were first tested on the Gadget show. Around £250 I think but nowadays they’re much cheaper.

I’m my opinion, it helps with poor circulation (hubby used it for Diabetes). It hasn’t done a thing to help walking, not given me strength in my legs/calves.

Personally, I couldn’t recommend this for M.S or to provide any stability. I’m assuming the one you refer to is a private sale and could have been used. Always iffy to buy any electrical item without a new certificate confirming its safety. Also, why is it being sold? Are there defects, box or instructions missing etc.

Check prices on Amazon, Argos etc, you could find a brand new one for £150 or less. For me though, it’s one of those things we buy, expects fab results, don’t get said results and it ends up stored with unwanted Dust mops, fibre dust eaters, quick window clean machine etc.

Beware, Chrissie x

Chrissie is quite right, I’ve just had a look and you can get one from Amazon for £140.

Not that I think there’s a shortcut to exercise. If there were, many more of us would be using these things.

It’s horrible losing your walking abilities. So horrible we get all excited to see machines which promise miracles (in our heads - the manufacturers are careful not to make completely overblown claims).


Hiya - thanks to Chrissie and Sue for your responses. It was advertised by Global Products - it wasn’t a second hand one but new so I guess they’ve gone down in price! Suppose I’m always hoping for a wonder product! Sue xx

you can claim the VAT back so say that you have a disability so they will take the VAT off straight away.

i bought a circulation booster which i suppose is the same thing.

i used it every day for the first month then it went back in its box.

i’ve lent it to people who have poor circulation and were thinking of buying one but after a few days they brought it back.

Had a look at it on Amazon, rubbish, as someone said there is no cure without some personal graft I bought a mini bicycle for £35 off Amazon which does do some good for me, I sit on my stool and peddle away while watching sport. It is hard graft

I bought one off amazon about a year ago, used it every day for 3-4 months it’s now in the cupboard with the bread making thingy!!!the George foreman grill!!! the soup maker amongst other things in there!!

Hi Top Cat Why do you not put them on e bay or give to local charity shop ? I could do with a George Foreman grill for my sausages. Bertie