Circulation Booster

I have PPMS. Poor mobility means my circulation is poor. My feet and ankles are discoloured and sometimes a bit swollen. Sitting with my feet up hasn’t helped so I’m thinking of buying a circulation booster. Does anyone have any experience of them?

Hope you’re all feeling well and not suffering too much in the heat. It’s nice to see blue sky and sunshine but it’s very draining. I used to be a devout sun worshipper, but I can’t stand it now, sadly.


hiya eve


wee bit more info first… my right side is goosed. circulation is poor-had doppler scan on feet. superficial circulation is very poor cos messages aint getting thru to where they are meant to-deeper is still fine.

i have a revitive bought 3 yrs and use it several times a week. the foot remains swollen but warmer and pink. the damage was already done but i am a great believer in trying to maintain all things for as long as possible!

i think they are about £150-i got mine in boots sale so was cheaper!

hope that helps!

ellie x

hi eve

i bought a circulation booster from argos about £150.00 but you can claim the VAT back due to having a chronic condition.

i used for a few months then started to use the wii fit so i gave it to an elderly neighbour.

carole x

I used to sit in the back yard, with a cold sprinkle hose on my feet. It was like heaven. Far cheaper than a circulation system.

I highly recommend it for people with PPMS. If you live in a flat, putting your feet in the sink & running the cold water taps on bare feet, does the trick. I had to just do it & I’m seriously thinking of going back for a second helping. Needs must.

Off to the shops now to buy some Ice Pops.


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I had one but made my tingling worse. Also having to take my socks and shoes off made my feet really cold. Not a problem in this weather!

Jen x

I got mine from Boots - be warned, you can claim the VAT back, but Boots are pretty clueless about how, I think we ended up having to forgo it, most annoying. You need to claim it at the time you buy, so insist on a form, or buy elsewhere (that £20 is better with you than the government).

Thanks everyone. Bought one direct from Revitive. New RRP £25.00. As new £125.00 and I’ve completed the form to get the VAT back. It’ll take the 30 days trial period though. Looks new to me and has usual guarantee etc. It arrived Wednesday, so it’s early days. Fingers crossed.