Keeping those hands/toes/ and bumpsy daisies warm

Daughter bought me two pairs of Heat Holder tights last xmas. A black pair and a lovely brown pair. They really are thick and cosy.

l have just looked online - and Matalan sell leggings/socks/gloves in Heat Holders. As it is pouring with rain - l decided to order online and have them delivered. The gloves are in the mens dept. They also do hats.

l really need to keep my ‘extremeties’ warm. Especially with the cost of gas/electric - we are trying to only use the woodburner to heat downstairs as we get ‘free’ wood. Last winter we hardly used the central heating. OH has access to a builders yard where he can bring back wood that they have burnt. Old hard wood conservatory/staircase/pallets/doors and floor-boards - and we also get trees given to us that have been cut down that he has to collect. Sawing up wood keeps him warm!! - And l can also collect quite a lot of logs on my Tramper.

l have collected lots of lovely apples that neighbours put out for ‘free’. The windfall eating apples l give the horses and the cookers l have been cooking lightly in the microwave and then freezing ready for crumbles/pies/apple sauce. l share out some of our eggs in return or runner beans in the summer months.

I’ll be looking into those, my hands and feet are always cold, it’s all very well DC telling us to where extra woolies but my hands are still b… cold. I think I need to invest in some fingerless gloves too.

Wendy x

Hi all

My son has Raynauds and he has the usual heated gloves etc etc but when things get really bad he uses my hairdryer on a warm heat to heat his hands and feed up. He also puts the hairdryer under his sheets before he gets into bed.

Lovely and cosy then!!

Shazzie xxx

Shazzie, l make wheat bags - that can be put in the microwave to heat up - they are much better for warming the bed - and safer then a hot water bottle/electric blanket and they stay hot for ages.

l use the mixed corn we feed to the chickens to fill them. And they are good for placing over painful knees or lower back. Plan to make some for xmas gifts. l make a seperate cover that can be removed for washing. Legs of old denim jeans make several good and hardwearing bags. They could be used to take on a scooter - in the winter -placed on your lap - or small of back under your coat.

My friends all seem to have ‘everything’ - so something home-made is always well accepted.

Awww thanks Frances. What a brilliant idea!! I will definitely try that one.

When you have a free mo could you do me an idiot’s guide as how to make them.

Thanks F.

Shazzie xx

You can buy wheat bags Shazzie. lts only because l have ducks/hens and a source of wheat that l make my own. You can put lavender oil on them as well - and then they are supposed to help you sleep. [OR remind you of your granny’s knicker drawer!]

Any corn store/pet store that sells mixed corn for hens. And if you have an old pair of jeans - cut off the lower leg part - stitch across the end -preferably on a sewing machine - fill with wheat - enough to fill up to half way. Then stitch the end up.