So so cold here

It’s really freezing here-4at the heating and hot water broke last night so I have spent full day in bed.duvet

Is snuggly but I think the socks,pyjamas,nightgown is and has been my saving dogs won’t even come

Out of their bed.waiting for boiler man to arrive.

Oh no!

That sucks , Hope its fixed soon !

Oh no Rosie! I do hope you let them know of your disability so you might be prioritised. Brrrl

Well it’s all sorted now @7 40pm. Im all toasty now house is sitting at

70degrees lol

Wasn’t laughing thinking about what it could cost us.was only a minor thing,because temperature had dropped last night the pipe has froze a little so condenser boiler wouldn’t work all done and dusted.

Hope they don’t sting you too bad rosie wishing you a toasty night x p.s don’t forget to put your Kindle down first lol think I’d have a heart attack if my kindle bounced off the floor middle of the night !!

​I have nearly jumped through the window when it happens hubby jumps as well I give him that much of a fright he just sits up in bed and shouts Rose for f&$@ sake .I lying there killing myself laughing.

  • No he didn’t sting me,in fact he said never mind anything as it only took10 minutes.hubby gave him money for his self and I gave him a lovely coffee and chocolate biscuits…I would have cuddled him but he was in dirty overalls .lol

well done rosie

what a lovely man, you must have charmed him with good coffee and chocolate biscuits!

carole x

Rosie, its times like when youve no heating, you`re entitled to wear as many odd socks as you can get on!


  • Lol Polly,never mind the odd socks pal I have tried to wear 2pair at once and it felt
  • Like how the Chinese girls must have felt when they got their feet bunny for “odd socks” do you know a car boot that I can use to sell the100+ that my hubby has.I used to think he exchanged them with the guys on the building sites…
  • P.s.I had my heating on all day as it is Baltic outside here.