What else????

Hi all, Just need to vent, have been really suffering lately with lots of sensory pain in my arms and legs and mainly due to our boiler giving up and being without heating for the past 3 weeks :frowning: New boiler finally going to be installed tomorrow but some thieving little ******** have gone and stolen all our heating oil today :frowning: so even though we are getting a new boiler tomorrow it won’t be working! So upset and was even crying whilst on the phone to a very nice policewoman. Thank goodness my husband is an optimist as things to me are going from bad to worse, at least the only way is up! Thanks for reading my moaning x

Anon I’m not suprised your upset, the thieving b******s it makes my blood boil that they think they can just take what’s not theirs. I hope you get your heating up & running soon as it’s been really cold this last few weeks :frowning: On the upside lots of cuddles with your hubby :slight_smile: Sue

oh bless you! like you say, the only way is up and i hope you get there really soon xxx

Blimey, that sounds horrible. Not really sure what to say that might help, but wanted to reply anyway.

Take care