No hot water! (Not MS)

Not a good day :frowning: Sorry to moan but boiler has packed up so we’ve had no hot water since weds night! Letting agency (we private rent) sent plumber to fix it Thursday, Friday and today ( we were without any water at all for over 24 hours) and to cut a long story short were still no further with getting it fixed. We have the water back on but cold only, we will apparently have to wait until 20th for parts to be available. Apart from all the costs involved going back and forward to relatives to use their baths/showers, and all the water that’s been wasted filling and emptying the boiler my symptoms are playing hell up. We could be nearly a total of three weeks without hot water. I feel shocking, stressed and just want it sorting, it’s beyond a joke. Rant done thanks for listening! Mini x

That’s a really horrible situation to be in. 3 weeks is totally unacceptable to be without hot water, it’s a basic need. I trust that you are going to receive a significant reduction on your rent for this inconvenience. It’s the least the landlord can do. He or the letting agent should also change their plumber as it isn’t often that parts are unavailable for that length of time, there are plenty of plumbing suppliers out there. Hope you get it sorted soon.

Thanks fudgey I’m not sure what’s happening yet but I’m going to write them a letter of complaint because you just can’t talk to these people, they are so patronising and make my blood boil, they are happy to take our money but don’t want to do the repairs! X

Hi Mini,a tough time for you.Have you thought of ringing the Red Cross and explaining the situation.They might help or know who will,

Good luck,

Wb x

I’m sorry for the tough time you are having. Sending you a <<<<<

Don’t know where the hug disappeared

Thanks wb never thought of that will give it a try. Thanks for hug barney, disappeared cos I grabbed it lol x hope you’re both well x