Glad its over!.

V.v. glad its all over. On 24th my boiler ‘packed up’, so no heating or hot water. Went to J’s mums hse on 25th, hard to get in to start with and then a nightmare, getting to the loo etc and ‘around’ in theloo. Went to my parents today and that was o.k, just got tired. Next yr it is going to be a case of ‘you come to me’!

Now just need to get the boiler fixed.

I’m glad it’s over too, for different reasons, I do hope your boiler gets mended quickly though and have a Happy New year.

Wendy x

ye im feeling the same. glad its over.

hope you get your heating sorted

atb mtt

me too, hope you get the boiler mended, WHY do they always pack in when its a bank holiday,so pleased its over with for another year

trouble is it seems to come round quicker each year… lol… bah humbug !!!

It works now!, the boiler man just came and fixed my boiler, YEAH!!