it's's finally over!!!

Hallo friends,

just spoken to my legal advisor re the Bev situation and I can now finally say…


​That evil woman has put me through 5 months of hell....but she's out of my life and GONE.


Hurrah! laugh

Oh thank goodness Bouds now she’s out of your life for good.

Pam x


Well done Bouds,

One less thing to worry about.


Hip hip hooray! Let’s have an anti-Bev party!

thanks all…love you guys!



I’m over the moon for you. yes

But, can I ask who Bev is, what she’s done, have I been living with my head under a rock and missed something juicy frown

Hi jactac, Bev was my carer for 9.5 years and we were so good together.

There were a few ocassions before the big bust up, when she was difficult and seemed to forget she worked for me. I often changed shifts to suit her needs…which any good employer would do…to a point…to help out.

But her mum got lung cancer in 2019 and I was there for Bev every step of the way…the best friend I could possibly be.

Her mum was lucky to become free of cancer, after 3/4 of a lung was removed but no further treatment was needed.

But she became depressed and Bev had many ocassions when she needed a shoulder…ie me.

Then covid hit and Bev was so scared, of course, that if her mum got it she would die…understandable. But Bev became OTT about everything and everyone I saw and spoke to…laying down rules.,reducing my care needs to suit her and her mum…I let it happen, thinking I was being kind.

But Bev took advantage until it all blew up becasue my daughter, who was quite ill, moved back home and sometimes her fiance came to visit. He became part of our bubble, saw no-one else and worked from home.

Bev told me off for allowing this and walked out mid shift. That was 13th Nov and since then she has taken holidays, isolated, anything to excuse her from coming to work. She then went on the sick, producing sicknotes and when someone is on the sick, you cant sack them.

I took employment law advice and had to follow rules or I could have been sued!

I had to write to her a few times asking how she was. She was curt, sometimes abusive and even accused me of feigning my disability.

Finally she resigned…after I’d requested and paid for a medical report form her GP.

Her reasons for not coming to work were;



pain in her back

anxiety and depression

bulging vertebra


and now she says she may have cancer.

Her sicknotes only ever said medical condition.

Her resgnation came as a shock but I was grateful it was all finally over.

It took 5 months from start to finish and caused me much upset.

I have another carer plus and agency looking after me now.

There you have it…not a nice journey at all!


Wow Boud,

I’m a bit speechless.

One would never think that a disabled person who needs care/help would need to go through the same bulls**t that an employer has to if the “employee” is not performing.

So let me get this right…

If I was to pay for private care, I am in fact employing the carer ?

Is this correct ?

Sorry for asking but I didnt realise it was that in depth .?

What about such things as holiday/sickness pay ect ect.

I also thought that if someone was on the sick after a certain length of time the employer can call in “works doctor” to asses the “employee” to see if they are fit for work or could be finished on ill health ?

It all sounds like a bloody mine field …

Yes, it sure is a minefied. I paid her through direct payments and became her employer. Hol and sick pay were factored in the