OMG OMG DLA........

Goodmorning Family…

I hope you are all having a good day even though it is wet out.

Ive been fighting DLA to sort out my review and gosh it has taken 19 weeks to finalise.

Ive just had a letter from DLA.

I now get highrate carers and high rate mobility. awarded from the 19/3/2012.

That my back pay will be in my bank in the next 3-4 working days.

Oh the stress it caused me was terrible.I must thank my doctor for a very good report from her being sent in to DLA and I know she will send a good report to ESA.

So now it is wait for ESA to be sorted out.

Also DLA has been awarded INDEFINATE…

Yes that is INDEFINATE.

Need to say I am very very happy,I would do cartwheels but alas my body would say no…

My doctor agreed I could not walk,that I needed to be cared for during the day and night and so on.

A change of GP certainly worked well in more ways than one.

Charlie,x with a BIG GRIN on her face…

Hello Charlie,

Well done for receiving what it rightfully yours! Isn’t it awful though that we have to do back flips and split the atom before Big Bro. will consider us for what we are entitled to? I am STILL waiting for the DWP to get back to me about my plea, and by all accounts this could take another six months!! I have to go to one of their childish work placement interviews in early August if I don’t hear from them before then.

But well done Charlie, and crack open a bottle of bubbly!



That’s fantastic Charlie, well done for sticking with it!

Mags :slight_smile: xx

Moira it was one of the most stressfull fights I have had in a long time,even though I have been so ill its the DLA and ESA that made things so worse for me.

Now I always had low mobility indefinate for years I was forced to go to them job focus interviews.Did you know you can ring them up and have a interview over the phone if you are to poorly to attend one?

As mobility was awarded indefinate I was thinking ahhh they may give the whole DLA indefinate,they could take it off me once its been awarded and make me apply every year or so.

Yes I found this out and now they gave me phone interviews every single time,I just called them up a few days before the appointment was due and arranged it.NO one has to go to these things if you have an illness or disability.

I would crack open a bottle however I dont drink.

Mags it is brilliant news.

I just feel so relived I realy do.Now they need to sort this ESA out as soon as possible.I didnt lie at all on my DLA form or ESA as everything I wrote my doctor backed it all up.She didnt know what I had written she just went by what she had observed herself and both stories so to speak were the exact same.

I wish everyone good luck with there claims and hope everything goes on there favour.


Congrats Charlie, its about time you got some good news.

It gives me a warm glow to know youve finally got what is due to you. It helps a lot to know you will now have the monies to enable you to live more comfortably whilst dealing with your ms.

best wishes



Thankyou Bren,I am the same,it makes me all warm and fuzzy when people get what they need to help them in there lives.When others are happy then I am happy.

Just going to say FAMILY best not even ask me to lend money to them.They get a lot more than me and need to budget LOL.


that’s fantastic news charlie!

this could be the start of a change of fortunes for the better.

carole x

Thankyou Carol I realy hope so,it will deffinantly get me out and about more.

Does anyone know if I need a photo for a free disabled bus pass I know to send the form to the council.Is a carer also on that bus pass and do they need to be named,so if my child is with me can she get on for free to?


Top one Charlie that one struggle done and you won’t have to repeat it Mike x :slight_smile:

Thankyou Mike.

I am so glad it is over,now for ESA and there imaginary cure for MS.LOL.

But I hope they take note of my doctors letter to them and have no choice to award me ESA…


Pity the same clowns didn’t look at mine and gave me 12 months- tee they gonna fix me by then

Good news for you Charlie, let’s hope ESA goes just as well for you. Wish you all the luck in the world.



Thankyou Janet,if they read my doctors report then I am in hope it will be done soon.

Mike I have filled in so many benefit forms for other ppl such as grants and loans,DLA and so on,I know they ask the same questions through the form and try to catch you out.I always spend my time checking and checking the form.I always get money for other people.

I think I know how the forms work and a brilliant GP helps.

I also found out about grants and loans.

You can only get them if you get Income based ESA,JSA income support and or Pension Credit.Having child tax credit do NOT entitle you to a loan or grant.

Hence the gov plinging desprate people into debt…DISGUSTING…

Mike in a moth or so time ask for a review to be done,ask them to send out a review form,fill it in get a full report from your doctor on illness/disease,symptoms,meds and so on.Then send the form in,if you do not have a full report off your doctor it will take like my DLA months to sort out,now if you lived by me I would of filled your form in for you…

I recommend a review and DO NOT appeal or you dont get anything until it has gone through the system.

My head is so fuzzy at times and the information is in there but MS dont allow me to use it…


They are doing my appeal now as they backdated my claim. Bythe time my next dla due they would have sorted. Not arse* about cash but the fact hey think I will be better in 12 months after I had spoken to them


Mike they asked me to ask my doctor to state when will I be vured,I guess it is a basic question that should be asked,however they need to teach there staff about diffrent illness/disabilities.

Now I no longer live in Swansea I can no longer help those in need,I would fill forms in,support them when they see there GP and so on.BUT I also found out a lot of fakers and liars when they asked me to fill in forms I refused.

I do hope you get all that is owed to you Mike,its disgusting the way they treat us.There was a woman who fought the benefits agency some years ago and they didnt pay her all the back pay,another fight and she got over 5 years backpay.Always fight them back one you have recieved an award of benefit.

They are making the system so hard and stopping people from appealing.

Keep fighting.


When I sent my form off I sent GP LETTER, 2 x Nero letter, 1 x diagnosis, 1 x rheumatologist letter. 4 consultants and 1 GP, then I sent in a doagnosis I had severe rrems with brainstem shi* and degenerative spondylitis disease (3 sets of 2 verabrae). I am gonna get better Mike

Hi Charlie, what wonderful news for you. Plus back pay so you can treat yourself to something which will help your struggle.

I was awarded indefinite full care and mobility DLA in 2008.

Just hope we get PIP awards too…

Ill be changing to ESA at some point and dont like what I`ve read about folk struggling to get their just rights.

Enjoy your award.

luv Pollx

Well done Charlie, it must be such a relief for you. One battle out of the way.

The bus pass may vary from council to council but here you need a photo, I went in for mine and they did one there and then but I think if your doing it by post you just send a passport picture.

As you are in reeipt of HRM you will automatically get a carer included. It isn’t a named person it just means your pass will have a C on it so you can take anyone.


Just remembered I had to have a letter from the DVLA saying that I wouldn’t get a licence if I applied for one.

Mike they are utterly stupid,it appears to me its a lottery,Cameron wants to shave off a precntage of the ESA and DLA bill and he realy dont care who gets chucked off it as long as he can save money.

I know people who have lied terribly and got awarded benefit for lies.Yet the innocent appear to be getting kicked down hard.

Hey Poll and thankyou.Poll make sure you get a full report from your GP,Specialists and so on when you fill in the ESA stupid questionair form.I did not fill in the box for symptoms and signs.I wrote a 12 page letter to go with it.I dont know if they read it or just chucked it.BUT do get all your records sent at the same time with the form or they take months to deal with it and waste time.They are so far behind with sorting out there benifits mess and are slow anyways.

According to DWP those on DLA indefinate will automaticaly change to PIP,however we ALL know they can change the rules as they wish.

Now I was also told ESA was changing to a diffrent name,this I have not proved yet.However I think they have miss quoted the changes.From On 1 May 2012 the Welfare Reform Act 2012 introduced two changes to contribution-based Employment and Support Allowance (ESA). They are:

  • to limit the period for which people in the Work Related Activity Group (WRAG) can receive contribution-based ESA to 365 days; and
  • to prevent any new claims for ESA on the grounds of youth (ESA (Y)).

The ESA 104 week linking rule has also been abolished by separate regulations. The legislation to support these changes applies retrospectively so that claimants in the work related activity group who have already received 365 days of contribution based ESA saw their entitlement end on 30 April 2012.

I am going to buy my girl some new cloths from SportsDirect.I have seen a small sofa for under £300-00 of which I am desaprate for and it will give me more room to use my wheels.

The rest can stay in the bank until I figure what I need to buy to make my life a little easier.

I hate spending money on stupid things,I can afford to have the heating on for a little longer now.It will just make things easier for me and my girl.

I just wish others could be as lucky.