DLA Award - amazed!!!

Just opened some post after being in hospital all week. Letter re DLA in the pile so I open that first with shaking hands expecting refusal.

Amazed to be awarded Middle rate care and Higher rate mobility. Am literally sobbing with relief as this will make life a little easier for me. I can pay someone to help me and drop some hours at work and look at a scooter.

So amazed! i really needed this


really glad you got good news after your stay on that abysmal ward.

Oh what lovely news to hear of your award as it really will make such a difference. I’m so pleased for you.

;-)))))))))) Mary

nice one, it will make things easier for you.

jaki xx

Congrats! Really pleased,and this will help you in so many ways

Chrissie x

Yeehaa! The RIGHT result…your post will give encouragement to others who are waiting for their letters.

So glad for you.

luv Pollx