I applies for DLA at the start on January. Long story short on paper I thought I should be entitled to MRC and LRM (if I got anything at all that is).

I was told last Thursday that they had made a decision but could not tell me it over the phone. I have not got the letter yet BUT I checked my bank balance this morning and they have lodged £2,513!!!

I am so shocked you could knock me over with a feather.

Obviously I need to wait for the letter but I think they have put me at an award that is too much for me. I was 100% honest on my forms and DID NOT write my worst day but how many days a week eg. I could not prepare a meal etc. If they have given me HRC I really should not be getting it as I do not need help with toileting during the day, only night time.

If I do ring and tell them this will it mess my whole claim up? I want to be honest as I don’t want to live constantly watching over my shoulder.


Lindsay that is brilliant news.

Nope dont worry about looking over your shoulder babe.You dont need to have help with the potty needs to get DLA you just need to need help during the day and night.There may come a day when your feeling poorley and need a little help to get to the bathroom.Even though you dont need help to use the potty so to speak.This is classed as needing help to go potty.

Dont stress over things,many other people get DLA for there illness or disability and dont always need help in this way.

I am glad you got the DLA and I am sure others are to.

Fantastic news a MSer gets what they truley need.


Hi babylove

stop feeling guilty! and celebrate you have got what is deserved!

they may have paid you some back payment in your first payment.

Teresa. x

Hi Lindsay, Really pleased that you got DLA. I’m sure it will help to make life a bit easier. Don’t worry about it, just be glad it’s there. Congratulations, Teresa xx

Hi babylove, Congrats!!! Stop feeling guilty. You’ve been given what you deserve. They’ve paid backpayments from when you were sent the form. That’s normal.

Well done you!!! Relax and enjoy.

Pat x


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Thanks everyone. I will feel better once I get the letter and see whats going on.

I think it has been backdated from start of January so that would work out higher rate care and mobility.

I just don’t want to be claiming money that I am not entitled too. I know so many people don’t get what they deserve and would probably love to be in my situation but I just feel so awkward about it all.

Also I am worried that if I get used to the money and then reasessed for PIP I will not get it and be left with nothing.

Lindsay x

Well done. Spend the money wisely, on no account tell any ‘porky pies’ to the Social,keep all the crappy paperwork they will send you and analyse how you filled out the form so you can help other needy people.


Congratulations Lindsey I’m so pleased for you. You don’t need to contact them as they have already assessed you on the information you sent them. So start to enjoy it because we need all the help we can get to help us living life with MS.

((((((Hugs)))))) Mary

Hi, as everyone else says, no, you dont need to tell them you dont think you are entitled to the money.

You never know, with MS, you may have a really bad patch and need the help.

I know several folk who get the high rate of personal care, but don`t actually have any help.

luv Pollx

I am still waiting for my letter

Hi, well done, you filled the form in honestly and they have made an award, no need to do anything else. Enjoy spending your money! Cheryl:-)

Hi lindsay it’s great to hear your good news. It’s always great to hear good news on the forum. You deserve every penny for being honest. Good for you it gives hope for others.

Well I got my letter today and yes I have been awarded HRC and HRM and it says it is for an indefinate period. I know this will all change when this new PIP thing comes in but I still can not believe it.

They have said they have made their decision from my claim form, a medical report they asked for and a medical report that I sent in too.

Thanks you for all your support. I don’t know why I feel so awkward about it all but I do. Need to just enjoy it now.

Lindsay x

I am so pleased for you. You hear so many horror stories about applying for DLA so its great to hear when it works out.

Now stop worrying and use it to make life a bit easier for yourself