Hi hope everyone is as well as can be. I thought I would tell you that I have just had to fill in DLA form as I was only given it for two years last time, Well I received my decision yesterday and to my surprise after a short 11days they have given me higher rate mobility and higher rate care indefinatly. I can’t express how worried I was with all the negative press about benifits but I have had a good outcome So good luck to others in the same boat. Jannine

That’s wonderful Jannine, I’m really happy for you! One less thing for you to worry about.

Mags xx

That’s brilliant! Congratulations

Karen x

yes i got that as well , it takes so much stress to fill out these forms so im just glad that i shouldnt need to do it again, i presume they will contact gp etcto see if i still have ms lol x

Well done you! Chis

Hi Jannine

Congratulations - there is some sanity in the care benefits system after all.

What a relief - enjoy.

((((((Hugs))))) Mary

Brilliant news. I got both higher rates awarded a couple of months back. You could have knocked me down with a feather. I can say it has made my life a lot easier. Silly things like we bought a dishwasher, I can get my hair washed in the hairdressers as I can’t do it myself and a great one is buying prepared veg/potatoes (or on the days I can’t do anything, a takeaway).

Lindsay x