DLA - good news

Hi everyone,just thought I would inform you about my DLA appeal which took place this wk,I am now in rct of higher rate mobililty,for an indefinite period.

The appeal took two mins,with the chair apologising saying support repts fro my ms nurse and ot more than backed up my case,which has been backdated from April 11.

I would urge anyone ready to continue with DLA appeal and not give up,I also had home visit from doctor which if anything improved things on my part.

I also had with me a welfare rights officer with me on the day,but she did not take any part,but still rea ssuring to have with you on the day.

Good luck to anyone who is waiting for an appeal,dont give up.

Finally thanks for all the info and support from all over the few months when i have been worried about the appeal etc.

thanks again


congrats david. time to celebrate - first round’s on me

carole x

Congratulations David I’m pleased for you but at the same time sorry you have to have it and sorry for all the strife you’ve gone though to get it.

But having it really does help to have as normal a life as we can with this horrid disease.

Happy times ahead, Mary ;-)))