DLA - Appeal

Hi there! I was on here before as kanes_son but that’s being a nuisance at the moment! After waiting over a year, I have just had the date for my appeal against the decision with DLA for 3 weeks, The problem is that I’ve received copies of the three ATOS medicals I have had (one from when I only had Fibromyalgia and two after I was diagnosed with MS) Now they admit I have deteriorated but cannot apparently the tribunal cannot take that into account and they have suggested I reapply. Now I know what’s going to happen, I’m going to be turned down, reapply, get turned down, appeal wait a year and possibly win, only to have it replaced with PIP and be one of the 20% who are kicked off (I’ve always been a pessimist!) Is there any point going to the appeal? And how can I convince them. The irony is, when I first applied in 2007 with only Fibro, I was awarded it immediately. I can barely afford where I’m living now so I’m worried sick Thanks for listening! :cry: