Hi everyone! Not been on here for a while for numerous reasons but I am really hoping someone out there can assist. It’s about DLA. I applied and 14 weeks later I have a letter saying that I do not qualify. I don’t know what I am more disgruntled about, the fact that they turned me down or the content of the letter that they sent me. I actually laughed when I read it swiftly followed by a feeling of disgust. I have been trying for the last two weeks to call citizens advice but it’s almost impossible to get through and I cannot get to an office on the days that they are open. Anyone have any ideas as to best way to appeal? X Thanking you all in advance for any advice. X

the benefits and work website gives advice and most people reckon its well worth the £20 they charge

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Hi,I had similar issues with my DLA application,having tried to fill in forms myself and been turned down,I appealed had a doctor come out to my home to check me out,nothing to hide here so was quite happy for him to visit.I did get welfare rights involved who were a big help.I had to go to an appeal/tribuneral which lasted two mins as the docs report must helped.Advice I would give would be to get as much evidence ie neuro/ms nurse/occ t/etc to write reports to support you,inc what medication you have / physio if you go.Dont give up ,there is support out there .Good luck


You can phone them up and ask for a verbal explanation.


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Benefits and Work will give you detailed info about appealing the decision but I just wanted to stress the time limit. You only have 28 days from the date on the decision letter to get the GL24 form sent off (They should have sent you a GL24 with the decision letter but if not you can download it from If you miss the deadline you will have to wait (6 months?) and then reapply for DLA


Thanks guys! Yes, am aware they only give you 28 days. I may just appeal myself and take my chances. I am utterly disgusted that they ‘think’ I do not need any help in the night. They would be welcome to spend a night here and then maybe they could give my husband a break. They didn’t send any form with the letter but I will download it and I am sure like many of you here, I would welcome them to assess me at home. I have nothing to hide, I struggle, I fall, but I feel that they almost want you to beg for help. I just felt that the response was ignorant and this is what I have found difficult. Xxxx let you know how I get on xxx

I know just how you feel Dingbat. This happened to me a few years ago and I filled in my GL24 and attached a letter of all the points I disagreed with (it was like they hadn’t even read my application form and made me VERY cross). They sent someone out to give me a medical and I was awarded high rate mobility and low rate care on reconsideration.

I really do hope you get a good result so yes, let us know how it goes and the best of luck.

Mags :slight_smile: