Hi all,

Well i had my first claim for DLA refused, but the letter completely contradicted what id put on the form. Ive just typed out a two page A4 letter going into more detail to put with my reassesment. I dont know if it will make any differwence but im not giving up yet!! Im having a killer week so far, phoned my GP yesterday as in so much pain by 3pm at work that i needed more pain killers. I asked if could take more Tramadol but was told i couldnt. Ive now got to go back in and see her next Tuesady for a meds update,. it just annoys me so much that im working full time, in constant pain yet the government wont give me even £40 a week to help me. Im determined not to give up though, im counting the days until my next day off from work ( got 3 weeks to go) as im finding it hard to do more than one full week at a go. Im sorry for moaning ( it seems thats all i do lately)

Hi, this is all wrong! There you are doing more than your bit, when you struggle so much and yet you are penalised…so wrong, so very wrong. yes, you keep fighting. But when I had a claim refused, I got someone from Help the Aged (you dont need to be 60 to use their services, I wasnt), to fill in the appeal form for me. She knew the right words to use and I got my just award.

Good luck.

luv Pollx

Thanks everyone for your support. ive sent off a long letter today listing all the problems i have. I did it with the help of the benefits and work site, after being recommended to it by members on the forum. Fingers crossed i will get somewhere now.