dla refused...fuming!!!!

hi. Am soooooo angry, just got the rejection letter from dla. What to do now as i was relying on this to help me out a little bit as tbh if ms is going to fuck up my life and take away my ability to walk i want wat so many others get and a little help towards a car so i can actual get around rather than being housebound…

I Just dont understand how they came to their decision…they havent even assessed my disability but apprently i can walk for more than 150metres???wtf i never said that and even if they wanted to check surely they would have a medical examination done and test my ability to walk??? I dont use a walking aid when outside (which is never on my own)but this is purely because i am 26years old and the idea of having to use a stick makes me soo upset as ive only just been diagonised a few months ago and i still dont want to admit it to myself i need help but surely they would understand this??

Has anyone else been here before and what would you advise to go from here as even if they dont think im entitled to the higher rate surely i would get the lower rate? Just dont understand their decision…

sorry to rant just so upset…


Personally, I would be arranging an appointment With a CAB benefits advisor and looking at lodging an appeal. Catherine Xx

Hi, oh what a horrible blow for you.

This 150 metres thing…it`s supposed to be 50 metres, isnt it?

Your claim must`ve worded it like you can walk unaided that distance.

Obviously it is wrong and you must appeal.

You`ll need to get reports from your neuro or MS nurse or GP.

I hope the decision gets turned around the right way.



I was refused DLA when I first applied. Then I went to CAB and spoke with a lovely lady there who was very supportive. She asked me how far I could walk unaided etc etc. She asked me to bring in the appeal form which I did and we completed it together with my answers being exactly the same as my original form and I was awarded High rate mobility and care.

How can they say no to either one minurte then 3 weeks later award high rate for both. Doesn’t make sense.

I remember I attached letters from my neuro, GP letters, appt letters. prescription labels and catheter labels to my appeal so that might have helped.

You must appeal!!!

I hope you get what you deserve without too much of a fight.

Shazzie xx

If you’re going to appeal, it might be an idea to join the Benefits and Work website as it might help. Also get evidence from your medical team.

DLA is/was about what help you need with mobility and care. So if you were to tell them you don’t use a walking stick when out and about they will read from that that you don’t need any help getting about and certainly not enough to warrant a car. Your age is irrelevant to them although it is important to you. Tell them how far you can walk - they can’t be expected to know unless you tell them. And tell them exactly what help you need with day to day things, such as personal care, how long things take, how often you need that help…

You might not be able to admit to yourself that you need help, but if you do, you’ll have to admit it to them in great detail. They only have the information you give them on the forms to assess you - they’re not mind readers, you have to tell them. It’s hard to do, we’ve all found it really difficult to fill those forms out, but you just have to say it how it is.

With all these forms, it’s important to fill them out the right way. Good luck.

I don’t know what the ‘official’ story is, but I applied for DLA myself and managed to get the middle-rate mobility component. Then, when medical professionals wrote on my behalf - with exactly the same details - I was suddenly awarded the middle-rate ‘care’ component AND higher-rate ‘mobility’ - which I should have been awarded in the first place

I wonder if this is a policy to try to prevent as much abuse of the system as possible?

Rose, if you can, ask for GP/Neuro/MS Nurse to write to the DWP on your behalf to back-up your condition and see if that helps?


Hi. I contacted my union and they told me to appeal the decision. They sent me some guides which I can e mail to you if you want, the way the questions are asked can be quite vague but these tell you in detail what you should write according to how you manage tasks. They don’t always get it right but neither do we. The guides are legal but not handed out with your claim forms. If you have a union they can be an enormous help.

Good luck.


Hi. Thanks everyone am definitely going to appeal as I can only walk a very short distance,don’t no how they came to the conclusion I could walk over 150metres,50is more accurate…

Will contact CAB and hopefully they can advise.

Min-yea pls if you have any info that could help would really appreciate it…pm me pls x

Thanks peeps


hi rosex.

sory to read you were turned down. you must appeal and keep your chin up.

if you need a stick use one. its for you own benifit. i know what its like when you feel like everyone is glairing at you. i, like others have and still do get people looking but i dont care about others now. its what i need the counts and you should start thinking the same. get a stick if you need it. you will be supprised at how much they can help.

atb MTT

I find that people are very respectful and helpful when you’re carrying a stick. They keep doors open for you to get through and give you right of way to go where you’re going. I’ve mentioned before to people that it’s amazing the power that my stick gives me. Even cars slow down when you’re crossing the road. And appeal btw, I find, in my own case, that you are rejected at first and get a completely different outcome the second time around.

Hi there, I am in exactly the same position after a long 8 mnth wait I finally got a rejection letter. I’m going to start the appeal process, so any advice I can get would be amazing. A lot of the information they stated in there letter is incorrect its like they haven’t even read my initial application. The home visit was a joke too, a 15 minute discussion and it would seem half of what I told her wasnt written down, she didnt observe how I get around so how they can come to some of the conclusions is beyond me.It is really frustrating and takes extra energy that I just dont have. Rant over :slight_smile: