DLA advice!

I've been on lower DLA for years, but applied again after a dreadful, dreadful relapse where I couldn't walk at all really.  I just got a letter saying I was awarded the higher rate of care AND mobility.  I'm stunned as didn't expect it.  I don't know whether to be really happy, or whether I should be writing to stop it once this relapse has gone.  It says I've been awarded it as I could hardly walk. I know once a relapse has gone that I am able to walk better, but it could happen again at any point. What should I do?


Hi,congratulations,do nothing and accept and enjoy what you have been awarded.They know MS is disease that can change from day to day so tomorrow things may get worse again.Talk later,Dave.

I'm so happy to hear you say that. When  things are awful I can moan and moan and want all the help in the world.  Any better though and I feel guilty.  Getting a companion bus pass was what I really needed/wanted, so I'm very pleased with that!

Thanks again.


U take everything and anything they'll give you, I've never claimed for anything in my life, worked since I was 17 and now in my 40's... my aunty had MS for over 30 years and never claimed for anything and when you see some people claiming anything and everything it makes me sick.... we didnt ask for this awful illness but if we can get somein to help life a bit easier, why shouldnt we, dont feel bad, just think when ur having a bad day, if something like a bit of extra money or a mobility car can help, then take it, other people would, this government is crippling and its us who shouldnt suffer any more, I'm not gonna, this aint gonna take me, every day I consider a blessing that I'm still here with my wonderful kids, albeit pain in awful and sometimes I feel like its never gonna end, I look at my kids in the morning and think, hey its not gonna get me, it can bloody well try, but I'm gonna fight it all the way, so having something back in return nobody should feel bad about, thats my rant over for the day !!!!LOL



I would have a look at the discriptors for DLA high rate care & mobility:

You mention your walking which relates to the mobility component but for the care component you would need help with dressing, washing & trips to the loo etc.

If your walking has improved then you may still need the mobility component due to walking distances but would you need the care element.

I would never suggest to anyone to do & say nothing as although you have been awarded high rate you have agreed to tell the DWP if things change. Whilst MS is unpredictablethe onus is still on you to disclose changes.

All the best on the recovery from the relapse.


What a hero Neil is above, he'll go down in history as Mr Wonderful ...

Sadly the things i listed for 'care' have got steadily worse over the years and I don't see it improving.  

Thanks everyone for your helpful posts, I really appreciate that!

i would pay DLA if they took this illness away. x