Dla medical tomorrow!!

Hi guys well after 7 and a half months of waiting for my medical i decided to contact atos and ask them why i have not heard anything!!.. They gave me an appointment there and then so i will be sending complaints form off later tomorrow… Im absolutely sick to my stomach with worry as i think they will instantly say no… also because i have RRMS although im on Copaxone and Fluexotine for depression but dont think that will help :frowning: … Any ideas what to expect at all… many thanks…

Beware the seemingly casual chit chat. The examiner may ask you, for example, how you got there. If you say on the bus it leads to a number of assumptions: That you could walk to the bus stop, stand and wait for the bus, get from the bus stop to their door etc. If you did get the bus be sure to say what areas caused you difficulty don’t just throw the answer in because it doesn’t seem to be important.

One tip that the benefits and work site give is to keep silent when the examiner is writing things down. If you are anything like me you babble to fill the silences – it’s best to stick to what they ask you and then give them chance to write it down.

Don’t be afraid to refuse to do anything that might be dangerous or cause you pain. Although I can walk a bit I would only be willing to get out of my wheelchair if there was someone to help me – if not I’d refuse.

Good Luck


Hi, I had a home visit from a doctor about 18 mths ago,he noted my gait / walking style,noted my medication,asked what people I dealt with ie ms nurse occ therapist.He did some tests on my reflexes /strength,he was in my flat approx 30 mins,tell him about your worst days.I had stick and had my wheele chair to show him,also tell him if you have grab rails or raised toilet seat in bathroom.If anything I think his report swung in my favour at the appeal to get higher rate mobility.You have nothing to hide and just tell the truth .Good luck

Hi how did it go then?

Hope it was a good appointment and you came our feeling you`d done your best.

Id hold off on the complaint form, until youve got your decision.


Thanks for your comments, not long got back it went ok i think, but she did not examine me just took loads of details and then she said i wont examine you as i know your are tired and too hot. (which i was) dont know if that was a good thing or bad thing?? I was in there for around an 1hr so wait and see what happeneds…

Hi again, well it sounds like it went well…especiallly with her saying why she wouldnt examine you.

Hope the decision comes soon.



Had my results today and they have put me in the support group so i am very happy about this…

hope anyone else who is going through the same has some good luck too :)…


Had my results today and they have put me in the support group so i am very happy about this…

hope anyone else who is going through the same has some good luck too :)…

That’s great news well done x

Hi what’s the support group mean?

What does the ‘support group’ mean exactly. Sorry if I’m being thick, have heard this term before. Just being nosey really… But who knows what the future holds. Thanks.

Bottom line is that they will leave you alone for a while. I was put in the support group and they told me that would contact me for an update in 2 years. Don’t expect they will wait that amount of time before getting me to re-apply but I am putting it to the back of my mind. If I was you I would relax and put it to the back of your mind. Try to relax and enjoy the moment. Gary