dla,have anyone applied for it,how did it go?


            waited along time,but have just applied for dla,has anyone tried how did it go for you /


                 love boz xxx


Hi Boz

I have just been awarded took 5weeks, it would have been better if they took 7 and got it right. I got middle care and higher mobility. Not bad you may think. Well apparently after 12 month I will be “cured, praise the lord” as they have awarded for 12 months.
Well I thought that ok, I get a car so I can go out and about, I walk slowly with 2crutches.
Went to the dealer and they couldn’t accept as my award was backdated to may and I only had 9months left.
Top and bottom of it, I contacted DWP and asked if they would do a miracle for me on 3/5/13 as I will be fully mobile then, ps this is my 3rd relapse since dec.

Mike :-} x

Mine was for 3 years at a time and I renewed and was awarded another 3 years. It didn’t mean they expected me to be fine in 3 years although this time I didn’t reapply.

Hi Boz, I applied before I was dx'd and was turned down flat but that does seem to be their first line of defence at the moment, so if you are, try not to worry too much.

I sent in a form asking to appeal, listing all the points where they told me I could do things and I had said that I couldn't. They have to reconsider before passing it on for an appeal and I got HRM and LRC for 3 years.

I hope you get it first time but if you don't, let us know & we'll (I'll) give you a hand.

Mags :-) xx

Hi Boz

I have got all the forms to apply so need to get into gear to tackle this horrendous form. Let me know how you get on! 

P x

If you're not successful join Benefits and Works website, it costs about £20 and gives you loads of advice for claiming DLA and ESA, and for the appeal process.  I followed their guidlines and was awarded HRM and MRC indefinitely without a medical. Send in copies of any medical letters you have that would support your claim.

Good Luck,

Sarah x

When I get on comp not phone I send u links for site

Both CAB and DIAL can help you fill it out.

Hope these links give the required info.
For help completing try social services, council disability office, job centre disability officer



I also have the forms, and I'm hoping to get them filled in properly this they have to be back by the 30th of this Month...I've also got a new ESA  review form to fill in...gonna be a busy weekend for me.


Fingers crossed.


Hi wendy

If you look through the links there are sentences for answering questions


hi everyone,

                           will try and say a huge thankyou for all your help and ,mikey for all the links,so grateful,i am very hopeful,yet anxious at the thought of trying to relay to them the problems.thankyou .


                       love bozxxx ps ,sounds as though we may or may not be granted help.butneed  to try.angel


Thanks very much mike....will try and sort the rest of the form out tonight.thumbsup