Good news re DLA

Hello everybody,

I thought it would be nice to share my good news. I HAVE WAITED 16 months for an appeal tribunal for DLA after being turned down twice,I attended last friday with my partner and was given high rate mobility and low rate care. My condition has deterioated in 16 months but i was told they would not look at that, I think they did and would like to say to anybody trying to get DLA dont give up.


Well done supertramp. You deserve some good news, after fighting for all that time. Now treat yourself to something nice.

We all know you shouldnt have had to fight however enjoy it. Its good to hear good news for a change.

Best wishes




Karen x

Congratulations… and well done for sticking with it and getting what you deserve…

Pat x

Well done - l hope they are going to pay you from the date you originally made the application - 16months ago. l know they do with

attendance allowance benefits.

Great news, what a result.



Congrats… x

What lovey news well done for persevering - they should now back date it hopefully.


Good on you for sticking to your guns!!! and pushing for what you deserve. You should get it back dated when you get have a little break you deserve it after 16 months


This is good news, indeed…but what a long wait…good for you!

luv POlllx

Really pleased for you, why did it take so long?

I ask as I had heard that people always get turned down to start with.

I sent my form off at the beginning of October and got a phone call last week to check how many times a night I go to the loo. She told me it would get finalised that day and I should hear shortly. I checked my bank account this morning and there was a substantial payment from DLA and when the post came the letter said I’d been awarded higher rate mobility and middle rate care both for an indefinite period. I had sent medical letters with my form and had joined benefits and work for help to complete the form.

The form was a pain to complete but the process has been fortunately relatively straight forward for me. It seems so unfair that my claim went through easily but that some people who obviously are also entitled to it have such difficulty getting what they deserve.

I suppose what I’m saying is that I’m glad you’ve finally got what you deserve and to others that are thinking of applying sometimes it does go smoothly!!!

Take Care,

S x