some good news and some bad news!

Hello all you lovely people, i hope you are as well as can be. The good news is that i got a letter in the post yesterday, saying that i will continue to get higher rate mobillity and lower rate care DLA for 2 more years. I am very releived about this. The letter made me laugh though, cos it said that the reason i have only been awarded it for two years, is cos “treatment may change the amount of help you need” Treatment! there isn’t any! They obviously know something i don’t lol.

I am still waiting to hear whether i have been successful in claiming ESA.

The bad news is that when i phoned for a renewal form for my blue badge, i was told they now cost £10! £10, that’s rediculous! When i applied for it last year, it only cost £2! love Bex xxx

FANTASTIC!!! It makes life just that little bit little easier, I think they automatically put that extra line on every award letter as It’s on mine and they’ve given DLA to me indefinately now (unless anything changes of course).

What a relief !! Good news indeed. Xx

Hi Bex, Great news - hope this has given you a much needed sense of relief! Teresa xx

Ooh, does this mean they have found a cure, and it may go away!! Funny because my dr. Nurse and neurologist say I’m stuck with it for life.

Hi, I was awarded DLA indefinitely in 2008, but I just wanted to tell you that we will all have to be re-assessed for it when it changes to PIP…even us who have it indefintiely. They wont let us alone, will they?

luv Pollx

Brilliant news! Every little helps

Sara x

Well done Bex…

Great news,

Pat x

That’s brilliant news Bex. xx