it`s been a morning and a half here!

Allo all.

Well,what a time we`ve had in our house today!

First off, I thought my spc wound looked odd. There has been a small round lump to the side of my catheter for about a week or so, but today it had grown to almost double and looks a bit raw.

Thought I`d bettter ring for a district nurse to check it.

Carer came to get me up and hubby went to the the DIY store…his favourite shop!

I was in the shower and almost finished, when carer said, Ill get you out of the shower now Polly`. I asked if the nurse had arrived.

NO, theres smoke in the kitchen, I am calling the Fire Brigade`.

Eh? What? Oh? I replied.

She pulled me into my bedroom and I said Id better get dried. She said, Never mind that. Here, pull this dress on quick!` Then she draped a towel and a fleece blanket round me and dragged me into the conservatory.

Well I was all of a dither and befuddled! You would be, wouldn`t you?

Then we heard the sirens. They hadnt taken more than 5 mins to respond. Bev went and told them what was what and a fireman came through the back gate to see if I was ok. I was, but getting upset by this time…it was all surreal!

I could hear several voices and smell a kind of bakelite burning smell…if the older ones amongst us know what that was like.

About 15 mins later, the boss fireman appeared and said he had turned off all the electric and our burglar alarm control box had shorted and was the culprit. I immediately said, My hoist,my bed...........theyre electric. Sorry Fireman Sam said, You need an electrician before you put the power back on.

Bev said, I cant leave her on the commode. Shes recently had surgery, she gets dizzy spells and panic attacks. So it was at that point, I got something most of us girls only dream of…

A fireman`s lift!!!

But, chuffin ell, I didnt envisaged it would be under these circumstances, with me half dressed, no nix and a pipe coming out of my belly, attached to a wee bag!

3 of the hunks lifted me and I said Oh, mind me pipe and Ive got no knickers on!One chap said,Neither have I! Oh, ready for action then!` I replied. We all laughed.

They put me ont my bed and it didnt hurt at all…!

Then a risk assessment was done and I scored as high risk.Well i already knew that, didn`t I?

So they fitted 2 smoke alrams,as our`s were old. And off they popped!

Then nurse arrived, looked at my wound and declared it to be over-granulating ???

She thought the hole had been cut to big and it was trying to close…nice!

Shes prescribed some steroid cream and said to keep it dressed for a week, when shell come check again.

Then hubby came home to see the pandemonium and said I cant leave you for 2 minutes, can I? He reckons its the mains electric thing which has over heated and melted the tape round the cable!

So here I am, in bed and awaiting someone from the electricity supplier. I dont want a lift` from him too. Too much excitement can dizzy a girl, eh?

What a fun life I have!

luv Pollx

Glad you are all okay. I used to get regular lifts by a fireman, my ex boyfriend.

Love Jaycie x

Hi Poll, sounds like total mayhem, but look on the bright side at least you were rescued by hunky fireman so not all bad. With regards to your SPC exactly the same happened to me and I was prescribed steroid cream. It seemed to work for a while but is now back again almost three months since I had the op. I am going to the GP tomorrow to see what she thinks and will let you know how I get on. Anne x

Ha, so why is he your ex? Was his pole too slippery? Hope the mods dont delete that bit! No offence meant.



Ha, so why is he your ex? Was his pole too slippery? Hope the mods dont delete that bit! No offence meant.



Well funny you should say that Poll, he was seeing my best friend behind my back and don’t worry I wouldn’t take offence.

Jaycie x

OH Poll how awful but the way you tell it is SO funny… I could just see Fireman Sam lifting you… oh you lucky girl!

You must be knackered now darling. Take it easy for the afternoon.

What a fiasco! Straight out of a situation comedy… still laughing… but don’t get my wrong love, I know it must have been very scary too.

Lots of love, Pat xx

What a story! I hope you are recovering your composure… Alison

Eeh Poll, what a start to your day…never a dull moment eh?? Hope electrian has been to get you sorted. Hope the steroid cream sorts you, I will look out for that with my new SPC!! I’m exhausted thinking of the carry on for you, you deserve a duvet day! Take care Much love Linda xx

Oh Poll, i know it wouldnt of been that nice for you but sorry to say, i was feeling a bit low today but reading your story has right cheered me up, what a palava. i wouldnt say no to three burley firemen picking me up, although yes i would like to have my knickers on first. Your hubby wont want to leave you alone again.

Hope its all sorted out soon.

Lisa x

Oh Poll! what are you like?!! Sorry I had to chuckle I know what a nightmare it must have been and I’m so glad you are ok. I bet it was the best offer the fireman had all day!! Love Sara xx

Thousands of women [in good health] would have paid thousands of £££s for that experience

Hopefully your composure is now back in place and the rest of the day is calm calm calm!

Lolli xx

Oh Poll, you do go through it !!! I love the way you write of your experiences, very funny, always makes me chuckle. What a right carry on for you. The firemen sounded lovely and your carers also sound like a great bunch of people. I do hope you are having a more peaceful time of it now…xx

Oh my gosh! I don’t know whether to say how terrible or how exciting! Hope the rest of your day goes better x

Oh Poll, you always manage to turn the terrible things into something hilarious. Lucky you xx Hope tomorrow’s more peaceful.

Jeees Polly, what a carry on my best friend wouls have loved to have had a fireman lifting her and declairing he had no pants on.

You realy should write a book with all tha scrapes you get in would make great reading.

But im glad that you and yours are ok and no harm was done, i hope you get the electrics sorted soon.


Sorry, Poll…not laughing…honest !! Catherine Xx

Wow what a day. I think you sshould write a book, you always amaze me with how positive you are. Hope you had a restful day since. Hugs Barney

Hi Poll

OMG what an experience for you…bet the best bit was the

firemans lift, some people would pay for that.

Hope all is well now.

Pam x

Poll you really had me chuckling. You really can tell a story, you turned what must have been a really scary experience into an enjoyable read. I do hope that everything is back to normal now and you can rest and have no ill effects from your exciting morning.

Min x

Hi Poll, Well you’ve had a day and a half haven’t you?! I totally agree with the others you really should write a book about your adventures! We’d all buy it - it would be a bestseller!!! Here’s hoping for a quieter tomorrow Take care BeckyX