What a morning!

Hi all, remember when my bathroom was demolished to find a leak? Well the chap came at 8.30 this morning to fix it up and put tiles back on.

So, expecting him at 8, I was up at 7am. (and very worried that I would need to use the toilet while he was here… luckily I didn’t! One occasion when constipation was a blessing! )

He was here till 11.30… and kept coming in to chat to me… I now know the man’s life story.

Then, while he was here. neighbour came in as I had said I’d order something on internet for her… long story but she ended up on my phone to the company… and while she was on phone scheme manager came by to see how bathroom repair was going… and while she was here carer came by to see how I was…

SO (stay awake… I’m nearly done)… at this point I had repair man, neighbour, manager & carer all in my flat and all talking ten to the dozen!

Thank God they have all gone away…

Peace… perfect peace…

Hope everyone’s ok,

Pat x

Poor you! What a procession, hope you enjoy a lovely peaceful afternoon with your feet up and a cuppa. Anne x.

You must be knackered Pat! My Mum came to see me last week and never stopped talking for an hour. All I had do was nod and smile and I didn’t need to utter a word at all. The upshot was that I was hit by a massive swathe of fatigue and could barely hear her any longer. I then had a doctor’s appointment too and could barely focus on what she was asking me - thank goodness I wrote all my questions down to ask her! So, if you need to take to your bed this aft I would not be at all surprised and would really empathise. Hope you feel OK! Hope your bathroom was sorted finally, too! Enjoy the peace! Teresa xx

Thanks Nanny and Teresa. Slept for most of the afternoon…

Teresa my mum talks non-stop too and it really wears me out. She is 85 and manages to talk on and on about herself. Don’t know where she gets her energy from… but it sucks every bit of energy out of me…makes me feel like crying. Hard to explain how tiring that is… only others on here understand. So I really know how you felt & God only knows how you then managed doctor’s appointment.

Bathroom is finished thanks.

Also, I kept noticing a smell of mildew coming up from the drain in my shower. Kept putting bleach down it. Well since they found the leak the smell has gone!

Love to all. Have a nice Tuesday,

Pat x

Not surprised you slept most of the afternoon. It’s funny isn’t it? My Mum’s main topic of conversation is herself too - she quickly changes the subject if it gets on to MS. Glad bathroom is back to normal and the mildew smell has gone! Result! Have a good one! Teresa xx

I so agree Teresa… talk about anything except MS!

Also I notice that almost everyone I know, friends and family, have the same symptoms as me. I just have to mention a symptom and they have it too. Seems everyone has MS… and yet strangely they are all able to carry on living a normal life… and can walk… and go out for hours at a time, and go out in the evening etc etc etc…

Thank God for this forum. I think I really would go insane without it.

Pat xx

Totally agree Pat - if I mention a symptom, my mum has the same. No, actually it’s similar but much worse. I mention how bad my legs are and she says so are hers! She walks like a 76 yo as she is 76 - I walk like a 76 yo but am 48! It drives me mad - so I just tell everyone that I am fine, even when I’m not, except my sister who really tries to understand and support me. This forum keeps me going too. Thank god for it and my sister and hubby! Teresa xx

Hello Everyone, Ditto…with me it’s my Dad! Always has the same symptoms as me and, of course, I don’t understand how “ill” he is. If I mention a symptom he complains that I keep him awake at night because he worries about me, therefore if he’s tired and crotchety it’s my fault BUT if I simply say “I’m fine thanks” when he asks that’s wrong too. He lives in Florida, he’s 83, his wife ( not my mum) died a couple of years ago, he is lonely but won’t come home because he thinks he won’t cope with the weather! So the long and the short of it is that I end up spending hours each day talking to him on Skype and my goodness does it wipe me out, I’m good for nothing for the rest of the day and my poor long suffering husband is left to pick up the pieces! Phew, much better for that little rant ! So good to know that you know how I feel. Pat, any more wheelie trips planned ? Best wishes, Nina x

Sane! This is the place to be, take care guys, M x

Me and hubby noticed you mention ms and everyone knows someone who has it and most of the time they tell you they arnt too bad and they can walk and do things like normal.All i can say is they must have the least serious type of it (eg beign ms). I get really mad its like they are making out the diease isnt that bad, even my auntie said it to us i was fueming lol xx julie

I agree Julie. Everyone knows somebody who gets along without any symptoms at all!

Also very often in media it’s always people who climb mountains, run marathons, cycle thousands of miles. Have to say the MS organisations, inc MSS, are also guilty of this.

They seem so keen to make MS seem like nothing very much at all, that it leaves the majority of us feeling like sissies for not being able to run a business, go to the gym, fundraise thousands of pounds, plan ‘cake bakes’ for the whole neighbourhood…

I am trying to find the energy to get undressed and get into bed. I’ve been sitting here on the recliner for the past hour trying to find that energy.

NO I can’t climb a bloody mountain or skydive out of a aeroplane… at the moment I can’t manage to get from my living room to my bedroom!

Rant over. I’m now going to try very hard to get into that bedroom and get into bed.

Pat x

I know what you mean pat and totally agree with you xx julie

do you know why a post on hear would be unpublished but yet be on profile list of messages i am abit puzzled?xx julie

Hi Julie, I think there’s a few problems at moment. They are trying to get rid of the kitchen spammers & has thrown a spanner in works.

Mr Grumpy can’t start new paragraph and M can’t use smileys.

Hopefully it will get sorted soon.

Pat x