A&E yesterday

Hi all, I am spending the day in bed, after having a really bad day yesterday!! Was at work, feeling really fatigued and strange feeling in my chest but quite good really. I just went to the toilet as normal but didn’t make it out of there other than on a spinal board and neck in a brace. I don’t remember what happened I just remember doing my trousers up and the next thing one of my work colleagues telling me the ambulance is here. Then everything started happening, still wasn’t sure what wad happening and how every hard I tried I couldn’t open my eyes and telling them to open they just wouldn’t. As I had hit my head on the wall and my neck was really hurting. They moved me very carefully across the toilet floor, then put me in a brace and onto the spinal board, I didn’t realise what it felt like not to be able to move. How frightening it was being in that collar only being able yo see the ceiling when I finally managed to open my eyes after about an hour. Thankfully after several X-rays it was confirmed I hadn’t done anything serious or lasting damage, had my heart fully checked out they discharged me. I have woken today feeling very stiff and sore and am not leaving my bed other than for necessities of life. I have been asleep most of the day. I think I just lost my footing and not being that great on my legs since my last relapse and had an argument with a hard toilet floor and wall knocked me out. I hope it is just that I just wish I could remember what happened. I am feeling really fed up at the moment and hating everything, just wanting to push the people that really care about me away because I can’t handle them being around, just seems to make me feel really stressed. Sorry for long post Barney

Aw Barney, that sucks, I’m not surprised you want to be on your own :frowning: Hope you feel a bit better after a restful day.

A lady at work had an accident in the loos recently and she hit her face on the vanity unit that holds the wash basins, the first time I met someone else with MS and I was just so worried she might have fractured something - I bet you’re relieved you didn’t hurt yourself more seriously, they are just such bad places to fall.

Take care Barney and get plenty of rest

Sonia x

Oh how scary for you hun!

I guess you must`ve blacked out if you cant recall what made you fall.

Well now, perhaps your employer will put something in place to assist you in the loo, eh?

Try not to push the ones you love away, they only want to help.

Enjoy your rest time.

luv Pollx

That sounds really scary, sounds like your work colleague handled the situation well though. Glad you got home from hospital and there’s nothing more serious wrong. Take care. Cheryl:-)

Hope you feel better soon Barney.

Take care…rest well, Noreen

You just described one of my worst fears, in a stall, locked in and falling in an embarrassing situation, glad everything is Ok with you! Greg

Thanks everyone. I am very pleased I didn’t hurt myself more seriously. Greg I am also very glad I had my clothes all on, I certainly wouldn’t have wanted to go back into the office if I hadn’t. Not really looking forward to it next week now anyway. Barney

Poor Barney, what a scary day for you. I hope you are feeling a bit better today and can tell those nearest and dearest it’s not them it’s you and you will call out if you need anything to try and save yourself some stress from people fussing around you. Hugs (from a distance) Linda x

Hope you’re feeling better tonight Barney. Hugs. xx

Thanks for the hugs. Went outside for a bit today hoping fresh air would do me good, scooter was required. Came back and straight back to bed head being very fuzzy. Think going go have to go to GP earlier than my 4th dec appointment. This strange feeling in my chest is not easing. I am still in real shock from the events and feeling very scared.

Hi Barney, do what you have to and if that means staying safe and warm in your bed just now then do that. Try and make an app to see your GP this week as if you are stressing about your strange feelings in your body it won’t do you any good and better safe than sorry. You will get your confidence back it will just take time. Let you body and mind heal a bit and don’t try and push it too fast. Big fluffly warm hugs Lx

Not knowing that you are falling does has its plus points as there is a tendancy to be relaxed so little or no damage. I once escaped having fallen down a flight of stairs ending with a headbut on quarry tiles with only a lump on my forehead and a bruised knee. You were unfortunate that the fall happened in the loo as everything has a hard surface.

I wonder if the sensation in the chest is a sensory response as they have checked your heart. You will also now be feeling tense as you have to acknowledge how easily we can be made to feel our vulnerability. MS hug can be felt in different degrees and there is also what I call the sensory patch as well as the stiffening of underlying tendon/muscles which cause discomfort/pain.

Lets hope that your GP was helpful and that you are now feeling more positive. Please do not worry about what you cannot do anything about. Making assumptions about what work colleagues will remember/say/do will probably be wrong anyway - unless you have a crystal ball…



Thanks - can’t sleep. Feeling so scared Barney

I had a trip planned with the Brownies today to take them for Santa Safari. I made myself go as I couldn’t let them down. I am totally shattered and used my scooter all day, since got home my legs haven’t stop shaking, head is still really sore and chest is still not right going to try and call doctors tomorrow. I have slept for 3.5 days nearly all the time but I am just not feeling good. Just keep hoping the next day I will feel so much better. Interesting what you have said about others passing out, I think I would be so happy if it was a bug. Have to speak to work tomorrow not looking forward to that really, they are so supportive. I am only working two days this week, might see if can do both days from home. Barney