Friday 13th am did not go well for me!

Hi gang, thank you all sooo much for your care and support..........wish we could all meet up and have a jolly good hug!

Right here`s how the hospital appointment went. It was just as chuffin` naff as I thought it would be.

Me and sis get me checked in at 9.20am for my 9.30 appointment.

we sat, as you do, wondering when you`re gonna get called. Then I noticed a `moving message` machine. It read;

`If you haven`t been called within 15 mins of checking in, please inform a nurse`.

So, when it got to 9.45am, I followed orders and beckoned a nurse, with a polite `excuse me...........`She said she wasn`t in that section, but would get someone who was. Another nurse came and asked my name and said they were very busy with all these patients. I said I realised that, but was only doing what the message said.

She went away. She came back, `What`s your name again?` I told her. She went away again and came back with, `Who are you seeing?`

I said `The MS nurse`. She went away again. Then Janet (MS nurse) appeared.

`I didn`t know you were coming today, Polly, but come into my room`.

I introduced my sis and then Janet said `So, how are things?` I said `Worse, I am now hoisted and have 4 carers`. She said `What have you come for?` I said, `I don`t know. You tell me.` Me and sis shrugged our shoulders.

So I went through what had happened in Jan with Dr Mir and the disapperance of my 2008 MRI showing 3 blobs on my cervical spine. I also showed her a letter from Dr Mir, saying she would speak to the ;last neuro who saw me, last year and see what they can come up with.

Nothing had been discussed, done or sorted.

Then Janet told me Dr Mir was leaving next week. I said, `Huh, well I won`t miss her, she doesn`t care!`` Janet said she felt the doc did care.

Janet said if I wanted, I could talk to PALS. She understood my frustration and agreed it was  not satisfactory. Huh! An understatement, eh?

Then I said I would like a referral to Dr Lily in Leeds...a top MS chap.

Janet said dr Mir, would do it. I said,`But if she`s leaving, will she do it?` Janet said she would ensure she does.

That`s it.

luv Pollx

I hope you get to see Dr Lily and get some satisfactory answers … the NHS can be rubbish sometimes! x

Thanks Twinks.

luv POllx

A complete waste of time and energy I think Poll, I hope you get an appointment soon with your new neurologist Take care. Karen xx

Oh Poll, 

Was thinking about you yesterday - must have been really upsetting for you - at least you had your Sister there too.

Let's hope  you do get referredtpo Dr Lily seen as soon as possible.

You're always so cheerful and supportive to others - we need  you to be happy. 

best wishes, 

Jen x

Thanks Jen.

luv Pollx

[quote=karenwolff50]A complete waste of time and energy I think Poll, I hope you get an appointment soon with your new neurologist Take care. Karen xx[/quote

Yep, you got it in one!

luv POllx]

Hi Poll

I had you in my thoughts yesterday, what a waste of time, good job you had company with you.

How did she not know you were going?  must have been another lost letter!  It makes you wonder what planet these people are on, and if they have any idea of the frustration and effort needed to even make it to the appointment, makes you wanna scream.

Hang in there Poll, hopefully an appointment is winging its way to you real soon.

Pam x

Yes, I could just have asked for the referral via the phone…chuffin` so and sos, eh?

luv POllx

Poll, I was wondering how it had gone, nt very uh left for me to say really, except I hope you get your referral to Dr Lily sorted out soon.

btw, I wish we could all meet up too.


Hi Cheryl, cheers love.

luv Pollx

Good luck with ur new neurologist, hope its better than mine, dont even know the name of mine, only met him once.




Hi Poll

What a shambles! You never seem to get anywhere with these folk Poll. They are not doing right by you. I do hope you get an appointment with Dr Lily.

Do not be downhearted. You will get there in the end, I’m sure.

Thinking of you,

Teresa xx

Thanks Teresa, you`re always there for me…nice!

dunno how long I`ll have to wait to see Dr L.

luv Pollx

Thanks love. Not in my neck of the woods are you, by any chance? I am in west Yorkshire.

luv Poolx