Afternoon gang!

yes, tomorrow is going to be a humengous day for us.

seeing MS nurse at 9.30am..................rediculous hour for me, but hey-ho.

If she greets me with `How are you today?` I`ll probably say, `Well I am wondering why the neuro made this appointment for me, when she reckons I don`t have MS!`

Just been reading the letter from my last visit from neuro to GP. It garbels on about me being discontented with the various things/diagnoses I`ve been fed over the years.

Who wouldn`t be chuffin` discontented after seeing 13 neuros in as many years and still not have a firm dx?

I`ll be asking what the last neuro (in 2011) had to say re the elusive 3 MS like blobs he showed me on my 2008 MRI. Yet they had mysteriously vanished in Jan this year when the latest neuro tried to see them. Nor were there any notes appertaining (posh word for a Thursday afternoon!) to the fact that he said he thought  I had PPMS.

Then I`m pretty sure I`ll ask for the referral to the top MS guy in Leeds.

Tomorrow afternoon is gonna be a tense one for me and hubby.

Daughter no 2 is coming................with her husband...??????????? discuss their forthcoming break up.

How the chuff do you talk to a man who you know has made our girl`s life a misery, without planting one on him????????

Honestly, whatever next?

luv Pollx

Oh, yeh.....and it is Friday 13th!


Re - 2nds hubby … have you considered poisoning his tea? :slight_smile:

Hi Poll

I hope everything goes well for you tomorrow. Focus on the nurse first and don’t think about your daughters husband until you get back and while dealing with him don’t think about what happened at the nurse appointment.

Good luck. Hope it all goes well.

Keep us updated.


Yeh, that`s the theory! Starting to feel a little shaky with it all now.

luv Pollx

Well if I do, maybe the judge will look kindly on a poor old wheelie person, eh?

luv Pollx

Hi Poll

Hope you get the your referral to the top man in Leeds and that you feel like you have got somewhere with the appointment.

Sorry to hear about daughter no 2’s predicament. Hope she is happier once she has time to get over the upset of the break-up.

Teresa xx

Hi Poll

First of all, I hope your appointment goes well and gives you a good positive attitude to deal with the problem in the afternoon,

These times are always sad, but given time, your daughter (and you) will undoubtedly come to the conclusion that this was the best course of action.

After tomorrow give yourself some "me" time and rest plenty, take care, will be thinking of you.

Pam x

Hi Poll I hope everything goes well for you tomorrow, hope your day is not tooooo stressy. Karen xx


Well if I do, maybe the judge will look kindly on a poor old wheelie person, eh?

luv Pollx

[/quote] I reckon you could easily pass it off as the result of an unfortunate hand tremor

You could always lose control of your wheelchair!

Good luck xx

I'll be thinking of you Poll. Stay calm, focused, and if you do bop the son-in-law make sure it's a good one.

Pat xxx

Good luck tomorrow Poll, hope you get to see the person you want. As far as No 2's hubby well we do suffer badly with myoclonic jerks!!!!!

Be thinking of you and sending (((((HUGS)))))


Janet x


Was thinking of you this morning.Hope it went well - sure you'll post something lets hope its positive.

Jen xx

Hi Poll, hope things went ok for you this morning, as for being "discontented" what on earth do they expect, they should put more effort into understanding what it,s like us for us poor souls with a question mark over our heads for years and years, i give up : )

As for the son in law, mine left my daughter 2 wks before Xmas and i have clapped eyes on him once since the split, and i would happily plant him heehee not funny though is it, hubby says i should try for my daughters sake to get past the way i feel, but its because of her and my Grandkids that i want to plant him , the eldest still thinks he,s on his holidays, it upsets me, aaagggghhh, MEN.

Luv Marie

Thinking of you poll xxx

     Dear Poll,

    We are all thinking of you - lets hope you get the answers you need - the MS nurse - then with you son in law.

    l think your daughter will be a lot happier without him - from what you say. l can remember my GP telling me she has never yet met a divorced woman who regrets doing it. lt does take a lot of courage though - lets hope they can sort it out amicably. Any chance she could move back nearer to you.

Epsom salts in his tea - and biscuits made with ex-lax chocolate - would get the son-in-law shifting.


Hi Pollx,

Not seen any posts from you today?

Did you manage to get things sorted today,i hope so.

Let us know how you got on,as i am sure that people on this forum where thinking abou you.

Take Care.


Hi really are good for me!

I`m gonna post both outcomes separately.

Yes, I`m jiggered!

luv Pollxx