D day neuro apt tomorrow!!!! (Possibly) Worried now!

Hi guys,

Just a quick update on what’s been going on. Met with MS nurse (really nice) and got appointment

through for physio so things are starting to move. I have an appointment with my Neuro tomorrow

afternoon where I should get the results of my last MRI. I havn’t been officially diagnosed yet so a bit

nervy about what tomorrow may bring. MS nurse spoke with Neuro and asked if she could pass on

any information to me but nothing forth coming so paranoia is rampant about what he couldn’t tell her.

The good news is I know I’m just being paranoid. Or am I!!! I’m sure that cars been following me!!!

That said you know what they say… Just because your paranoid doesn’t mean their not after you

Anyway hope everyone is well.

Take it easy.


I wouldnt worry to much, Ive often asked my ms nurse things that only my consultant could tell me and its not been half as bad as i often worried it was. Hope you get some news soon.

Hi G,

I already knew I would be diagnosed on the day I went to see the neuro for my results, so I was in a very similar position to you.

Even though I hadn’t seen the MRI results, I had a sort of sixth sense they’d show new lesions, because of how rubbish I was feeling, so I didn’t think there was much chance of being told: “It was nothing, you’re fine”.

It’s still hard, even when you go fully expecting it. I didn’t cry, but came home and polished off a bottle of wine.

My worried mother said: “You shouldn’t be doing that!”

“Why not? Will it make me ill? Mwahahaha!”

Worrying about the evils of alcohol did seem a bit redundant, in the circumstances.

I didn’t want an MS diagnosis; nobody does. But it did end months of speculation about: “My God, if it’s not that, what if it’s something even worse, that nobody’s ever heard of?”

Overall, I was a bit better for knowing, I think. I didn’t want to be sent home and told they’d try again in another six months.


Thanks Kelly, Thanks Tina,

I think you both are right… I just want to know now but still a bit worried which is only to be expected!

As for polishing off a bottle of wine mine is already chilling in the fridge

Take care.


I completly understand being worried, i knew i had ms on the day i was going to find out but was still shocked when he said the words to me, i even cried when i came out of the hospital but i think that was more relief of knowing if that makes sense.

Wine isnt my friend but chocolate is hehe.

Hi G, If it helps I’m in same position, know more lesions on MRI but all neuro said in appointment letter was significant implications. Whatever that means I’ll find out on Friday. Thinking that 1 bottle won’t be enough and perhaps fitting an infusion of Chardonnay might do the trick! I think it will be a relief but on the other hand how will I cope with the implications on a dx for me, being selfish, and for my husband and our 2 young kids. Whatever happens I am very grateful to the people of this site, Karen, Tree, Anitra and all those who have never met me but have been a huge support. Whatever happens for your appointment I’ll be thinking of you, at least we know what your going through, for me that helps! Chis x

All the best for your appt.

I may just open a bottle myself as moral support.


Hi T, now this may soud odd, but Im sure youll understand why I am saying it…I would welcome a dx of PPMS!

`Cos it is better than the other thing they want to label me with.

luv Pollx

Good luck for tomorrow

Karen x

(I’m game for the morally supportive wine too!)

Cheers G, started the ball rolling and am enjoying a cheeky one on your behalf!

Thanks for the support guys,

Delighted so many are showing it with a nice glass of vino

I have a wee glass in hand myself right now!!!

Seriously though - Thanks


Good luck for today!!!

ps. I had a couple of glasses of the red stuff too! Would have been rude not to join in!! xJennyx

Good luck for today…x

Hi, good luck with your appointment, sure it will go fine, don’t read anything into neuro not passing info on to nurse, he probably just wants to go through it with you himself, after all you might have then asked a question that nurse wouldn’t be able to answer, neuro thinks it will be better just to tell you himself, I’m sure that’s all it is. I’m not joining in with the wine, but I will have some chocolate instead if that’s ok. Cheryl:-)

Good Luck for today! Teresa xx

Hi guys,

Well back from appointment a few hours ago and its official! I am the newest member of the gang - Hi

Diagnosed with RRMS - Stopping taking Gabapentin (Not working) and now have to decide what Disease modifying drug to take!!! Once started on that we will look at dealing with the symptoms!

Waiting to hear from MS nurse to discuss options… The next big decision :slight_smile:

Can’t say i’m surprised and possibly quite releived… Funny though he kept talking about Brain damage and

not wanting to get any further Brain damage and i’m sitting there going stop talikng about brain damage Ha Ha

The real issue for me is that he said that the symptoms (Sore feet, dizzy, tired, stiff etc) I am experiencing will probably never go away, This is me!!!

I’ll show him

Anyway thanks for your support. I’m now just waiting for the big slap on the face by reality. Anyway going out for dinner

with my wife tonight (Can’t afford it but who cares). Sister in-law is watching the girls so 1 more glass of wine… I know - Total rebel! On a school night as well!

Take care all.


!!! Just a few more exclamation marks to add to all the rest :slight_smile:

Wow - not sure whether to say congratulations or commisserations!!

In any case I’m joining you by raising a glass of cold white in honour of your being the newest officially dignosed MS member… it’s the least I can do

How do you feel about it? Hugs,


You know, I feel alright about it at the moment. I just think it could be worse. Not much worse right enough but need to stay

positive. Easier said than done I know.

G :slight_smile:

Hi G, My turn tomorrow, hope This time tomorrow evening I feel as positive as you, what a bummer and a relief that your not mad? Chis x

Good luck tomorrow Chris,

Let us know how you get on… Stay positive :slight_smile: