career ends up being rushed to hospital in ambulance just what we needed.

Hi glad to be home havent been on site for few days as thursday morning got rushed into leicester A&E in ambulance in chronic pain right rib cage pumped full of painkillers had intestinal blockage and what appears to be start of fatty liver .Wasnt any beds at leicester royal got transfered to leicester general.All i kept saying was i carnt be here, i have got to be at home my husband is not well and i have two children.Luckly my family helped out got hubby some shopping and kept going round taking food and cooking stuff.Got out saturday around 4pm couldnt get out quick enough after being on nil by mouth and kept awake all night all medication made room spin.What a horrible few months surely our luck has got to inprove lol xxx julie

Hi Julie

Nothing better than being back in your own home is there? Even without the worry about husband and children .

Hope that you are feeling a bit better and normality is being resumed. (Whatever “normal” is for anybody!!!)

Oh Julie, What are we going to do with you, eh? how are you now? hope you’re ok. Atleast you know now that you’re family will be there when needed but yes you do get into a routine and you and you’re hubby know how to work together. try and take it steady and if help is offered, take it. Lisa x

Hi Julie, hope the problems have settled down now.

What a panic for you all, eh?Do you have any carers coming in to help you with your hubby?

We use Direct Payments to pay for 3. Their help is invaluable.

luv Pollx

Thanks lisa ann and boblatina so glad have so many friends and family that help us.Also a neighbour works at hospital offered to help & mother of child at school offered to have children.My dad was very helpfull helped hubby took him to from hospital even guided him round hospital ect cooked him shepards pie for him and children.Mum got shopping and did fridge check also had a snop as mums do,was abit cross opened my parcel and threw some stuff away from around the house.Even rearranged my cupboards think just snopping again.I need to calm down blood pressure was high today doctors what me to go next week to get checked again lol.You are right you get into a routine ,least back home

Hi boudica no i tend to do it all and was a shock i was telling ambulance staff i didnt want to go into hospital i just wanted the emergancy doctor lol.But really glad hospital sorted it out on the road to recovery nowHave been intouch with county council about house adaptions for hubby to make life abit easier for him and julie