My Mum, now my husband

New Years Eve we spent In ITU as my Mum had septicaemia, pancreatitis, multi organ failure. We had to see good bye to her twice. Thankfully she survived and finally came home at the end of february.

As she has another neuro condition and is a wheelchair user I stayed with her for the first 6 weeks when she came home. I can’t do a lot but I’ve been there chasing hospital appointments, meds etc. Last week I started sleeping at home again and my daughter drops me off daily before she goes to work at 7.45am.

Monday morning my husband wasn’t well at all. He was rushed into hospital. He had a very high temp and put on IV paracetamol. I rang him yesterday morning and he said he felt better. After the phone call he suddenly became very poorly. I got a shock last night when I saw him. He has been diagnosed with septicaemia. They don’t know if it’s coming from a UTI or a bowel infection.

I’m just so exhausted and overwhelmed. As I’m not allowed to drive I’m so restricted as to what I can do for them all.


I’m so sorry you’re having such a tuff time, theres nothing I can say, so heres some((((((BIG HUGS)))))), Jean x

So sorry Jacqui that you are having all this,wish there was something i could do to help you,never rains but it pours, your husband knows the situation and knows if you could drive you would be there like a shot,you are doing all you can and he knows that,wishing him a speedy recovery,and try and rest as much as you can.


jaki xx

Sympathy and hugs to you and your loved ones - hoping better times are winging your way soon. Luv Ann

Hi Jaqui, it never rains etc eh?

Now i recall your MS affects you pretty badly, yeh?

Not want ing to sound awful but maybe taking on your mum`s care is just taxing you too much.

Have you thought about getting some outside help in for your dear mum?

i use Direct Payments and it is marvelous. Paid carers come in and take the worry off you.

I hope your hubby recovers well.

luv Pollx

Hi Jacqui

I am so sorry you are having such a bad time at the moment, just wanted to send you some (((((((((((hugs))))))))))) to say we are all thinking of you.

Hope life is a bit kinder to you real soon.


Thinking of you Jacqui .

Goodness Jacqui we think we have problems then listen to your story of your mum & now hubby.

We hold your hand sending support love and care. Hope hubby soon gets well. I cannot imagine how your coping and my heart goes out to you. Know we are here for you.

Take care,



Hi Jacqui

I am sending you all the hugs l can and your mum and hubby l do hope they are coming along all right

lots of love Jan xx


Remember that my offer still stands Jacqui.


Hi Jacqui I remember your mum being poorly NY and how hard it was. I am so sorry your hubby is having a bad time now too. It is so difficult when you are not well yourself and feel so helpless. I hope hubby improves really quickly. Wishing you all the best and thinking of you. Teresa xx

Thank you all for you support. My husband looked much better last night and is responding to treatment. They are still trying to work out what caused the septicaemia.

He did say he hadn’t had his second lot of IV antibiotics yesterday. My daughter checked and he hadn’t. This was at 7.30 pm. He was already due his third lot of antibiotics.

Jacqui x

Phew that is good news. I cant believe the problems you and your family are experiencing lately Jacqui, it just seems to be relentless.

I agree with Poll have you checked for direct payments for your mum? You should not be coping with her like this, your not strong enough for this, and the next thing is you will be hitting the floor hard. My goodness i had 6 teeth out and am on the floor right now, and you are coping with all this.

When mike went into hospital with his problems a few months ago, I felt useless too, as I could not just get into a car and drive to see him, i had to always relie on people to take me, it is soooooooo frustrating and hard because we want to help but our stupid bodies think otherwise. BUT YOU MUST REST ok. Big hugs. xxxxxx

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Unfortunately, nursing staff seem to be extraordinarily stretched these days and it sounds as if keeping your and/or your daughter’s eye on your husband’s treatment is essential.

Hang on in there ((((((Jacqui))))))

Lolli xx