My Mum

My Mum has a neuro disorder with symptoms very similar to primary progressive MS and she has been a wheellchair user for 20+ years.

She was discharged from hospital last friday. New Years Eve morning I found her unconscious and in an awful state.

New Years my family sat in a relatives room and we were told they couldn’t understand how she was still alive.

She had inhalation pneumonia of both lungs, pancreatitis, sepsis, kidney failure, heart failure, respiritory failure.

I’ve been spending 8 hours a day in ITU.

Yesterday she was asking for cups of tea. Telling us to cancel her hair appointment :slight_smile:

It’s going to be a long haul but I have nothing but praise for the Drs and nurses on ITU. The nurses are doing good old fashioned nursing care and the equipment helps them to monitor.

I will worry when she goes back to the medical ward. If I have to I will sit by her bed all day and she will not be discharged until I think she’s well enough. She has a very complicated medical history with a few rare disorders. I understand my Mum’s medical history and needs more than any one.

My lovely Mum is still with us :slight_smile:

Hi there So sorry to hear how poorly your Mum has been. My second son was in ITU in Nov 2010, so I understand how scary that feels. Aren’t the nurses wonderful there though? I have never experienced such wonderful nursing care as the nurses in ITU. I am so glad that she is on the mend and can’t imagine what worries and fears you have suffered. Keep your chin up - thinking of you, Teresa xx

Hi Jacqui,

What wonderful news to hear that your mum is picking up,ICU staff are wonderful its a shame that the ‘normal’ nursing staff are not as caring,although i know that some are,please keep us informed of your mums progress,and try and rest as much as you can, because all this will be taking it out of you.

jaki xx

Hi Jacqui

That is such wonderfull news, I hope she goes on making such good progress. Now is the time to spare a little thought for yourself though, please try to get a little respite or you’ll be no good to anyone in a little while. The shock hits you like a hammer after the event, believe me I know, I’ve virtually crashed after coping with my hubbies heart attack and all that entailed, christmas, new year, looking after everyone else. I know, nobody could tell me either!, but grab any help/rest when and where you can. Lots of love to you xxxx

Hello Jacqui,

That’s super news with regards to your mum. but remember to look after yourself as well. Be thinking of you.

Janet x