help, hubby just got rushed to hospital.! worried i will now have a relapse!

Ok so i get woken up at 5 with my husband screaming in pain, called an ambulance and they took him to hosp, not sure what’s wrong. I couldn’t go as have 2 children aged 5 and 12.

Now my hands feel numbish and fat and i’m back to being super wobbly!! Head is a mess as i’m soo worried, kids are being great but now gotta face the school run and getting to the hospital :frowning: not got a good day instore.

Just neeeded to let my feelings out as i know stress isn’t good!!!

Thanks for reading

Kate x x

Kate how awful for you all - take a deep breath and try to keep your stress levels down, easier said than done I know.

Hope you get some answers at the hospital, I’ll be thinking of you


Hope your husband makes a quick and full recovery. No stress is not good, so keep calm…he is now in the best possible place to get any help he needs. X

Thinking of you Kate. XX

Thank you!!! Trying my hardest to keep calm!! Lots of deep breathing is being done!!!

Kate x x

In through the nose for 5, out through the mouth for 5 !! It works !! Xx

Hi Kate

We are all thinking of you all. Hope hubby is all better very soon. He is getting lots of care in hospital.

Like Mrs H says lots of deep breathing helps.

Take care.

Shazzie xx

Hi Kate

Hope hubby is on the mend really soon. Take care of yourself and try not to stress too much. Is there anyone else nearby who can help with the kids so you can spend more time at the hospital in the evenings?

Thinking of you

Tracey x

Hi Kate, Has the hospital found out what is wrong. My neighbour was rushed into hospital screaming with pain and it turned out to be bladder stones. Supposed to be excrutiating - but quickly remedied. So fingers crossed they have sorted him out.

We are all thinking of you and your family.


Hi Katie, I do hope your hubby is ok.

Have you got lots of help on stand-by? Hope so.

luv Pollx

Hi Kate, Hope hubby is OK and that you can remain calm for your own sake. Can you get support from family or friends? Teresa xx

Thank you everyone!!! He got released last night… Gall stones was the cause he’s got to go back for an appointment in 6 weeks!!! Not in pain now, just glad he’s home!!!

The kids were soo well behaved and had loads of help on stand-by if it was needed!! Got awesome neighbours, they even picked him up from the hospital last night!

Even managed to keep calm (ish) and not over stressed!!!

Kate x x