Sick husband

My lovely husband is ill. I suspect norovirus or similar. We’ve eaten the same things, and so far I’m ok (fingers crossed)

I’m really worried about him. He’s in bed trying to sleep it off. I’m in the lounge still in nightie and dressing gown.

I can’t look after him, I’m not showered or dressed because I need his help.

We have no one to help out at times like these.

can you make sure he has water,thats all he needs for now,we went through same a while back,i got it same time as my other half,so we just stayed in bed til it passed,it took about 24 hours then he was well enough to get up,i just made sure we had water and a i had a bucket at side of bed,not nice,hope your both better soon.

J x

Oh Flowerpot. You must feel so frustrated that you can’t help es[ecially as he obviously helps you so much.

Is there noone you can call on to give you a hand getting at least a little wash and get changed?

Just wanted to send you ((((hugs)))) and hope your hubby gets better soon.

Shazzie xx

Thank you Shazzie, I’m glad you’ve not yet left the forum. I would miss you, I’ve had a wash, what my late mum would’ve called a lick and a promise, but it’ll do for now and I’ve managed to get dressed. It’s surprising sometimes what you can manage when you have to.

He’s worried enough to have rung 111 and that worries me too, he always resists calling or visiting the doctor.

About three years ago he had surgery on an abdominal hernia, and he says he’s had some pain from the site of that. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that there’s no blockage there like when he was admitted as an emergency that weekend. Maybe it’s a bit tender from the diahorrea and sickness. Lovely subject eh? Sorry to the squeamish. Why do crises always happen out of hours?

We have no family and many of the people we thought were friends dumped us after my diagnosis, possibly because they were afraid of being asked to help. So now I ask nothing of anyone.

I’m still ok, he’s even had to get his own water. I can’t carry anything lurching about on crutches.

Not only can I not help, I’m actually a liability!

Oh Flowerpot that’s horrid. Wishing your hubby a speedy recovery. Hope you don’t catch it too.

Snowqueen x

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