omg !!

I am beyond scared my daughters boyfriend got a really serious virus he ended up at hospital really ill, we have a new baby in family too,who hes been in contact with daily,his mates baby is in hospital,and just seen it on breaking news,there isa sars like killer virus inn europe ,and 7 in birmingham have already died,i feel sick with worry.

Hi Jaki, You must be going through hell right now. Breathe, worry won’t make them better… Think them love. If he’s in hospital, he’s in the best place. Thinking you calm, Sara x

Hi Sara,

thanks for replying,ive calmed myself down now, was in a right state though when i found out about the cases in birmingham,i am not well with the ms have been ill for over a year now,and last night when Dale had to be admitted to hospital i had to look after my daughter and grandaughter all night,so having no sleep has made me blow things out of porportion, i do worry though,because my daughter had swine flu a few years back and she was very,very ill with it.



Hi Jaki, It must have been a shock and not sleeping all night hasn’t helped You at all, but as Sara has said he is in the right place now and let’s pray for a speedy recovery. Janet x

Hi Janet,thanks for your reply,ive calmed down now, i got myself into such a panic,over it,my mind was racing,like you said my lack of sleep didnt help,had a good nights sleep last night,so feel more in control.

jaki xx

Hi jaki, glad to se you`ve calmed down a bit now, but it is very worrying all the same.

Fingers crossed for a good outcome.

Thinking of you.

luv Pollyxx

Hi Poll,thanks for your kind words,i do go off on one at times tho lol,my daughters b/f is still quite ill,i am still worried about him,and he doesnt look well at all,but the more people i talk to who have had this particular virus have all said it leaves you very ill for quite some time.just read your post about ‘The bond’ in blackpool,it sounds like you had a ball,pleased to hear you had a good time,bet you cant wait to go back again.

jaki xx