Anxiety - Advice please.......

Morning all,

Its been a long time since ive been on here but hoping someone is kind enough to help…

I have had a Cold which developed over Christmas with a cough.
The cough has changed from chesty to tickly with casping for breath sometimes being sick ending in a sneeze and an overwelming urge to burp. Which if i don’t my throat feels restrictive. That i can deal with it sound worse than it is.
… Have been to the doctor and been given antibiotics.
Cannot sleep without the light on.
Since last weekend have been feeling terrible anxiuos for most of the time it helps to keep my mind octupide but i casp for breath if i don’t i can feel it developing which scares me more.
I have become afraid of the dark, being on my own (which I love), if i get to warm symptoms apear again, i when back to the doctor on Tuesday and he said it was a virus and gave me more antibiotics (i know they don’t work on virus’) i took them and in Thursday had two attacks and very tearful at work frightened my colleages and boss.
I phoned the doctors to be told that morning sugery had finished and she would talk to the nurse which she did and rang me back, she said to stop taking the tablets and to make an appointment for Monday if i felt the same. But I could go to our Drop in centre if i felt the need (we dont have an A&E in the town anymore).
After insistance from my boss (i didn;t need much persuadeing) a colleage took me to the centre. They were really nice and he tested my oxegen levels and lungs and he said with my complection etc and what i told him he confirmed what i thought it was anxiety.

I have been trying to get hold of my MS Nurse since January for other reasons but tried again yesterday and left a third message, she normally rings back within 24-48 hrs i am sure there is good reason but at a loss.

I am so sorry its very long winded but i am hoping someone can give me some advice. I would be so greatful.


Hi Sarah, sorry you’re having such a dreadful time.

I think the GP is very irresponsible prescribing antibiotics for he said was a virus!

Anyway, the feeling that you can’t breath and that your throat is restricted does indeed sound like anxiety and panic (esp as the oxegen & lung tests were ok). I’ve had that sort of anxiety myself and I know how frightening it is. It really does feel like you are going to die… however keep in mind that you will not actually die.

I would say you need to see the GP on Monday as they suggested, and get something for the anxiety. There’s some extremely good med’s for anxiety now and you need to get your anxiety levels down before you can start to deal with whatever’s causing the anxiety.

Over this weekend, go the chemist and get some Kalms. They are a herbal remedy but are very good. Many years ago I took them for a while and don’t know how I managed without them. They almost immediatly calm you down.

You are probably hyperventilating. That’s when you are taking too much oxygen into your body by breathing badly, which is caused by anxiety. Try breathing so that your tummy goes up and down and not your chest… slowly in through nose and blow slowly out of mouth. It can also help to breath in and out of a paper bag (not plastic) for a short while… that way you will correct the oxygen in your body.

Can’t imagine why the MS nurse isn’t getting back to you (maybe on holiday)… but see the GP on Monday and get something for the anxiety. Believe me Sarah I know what hell it is… so please don’t suffer when there are good med’s to help.

Thinking of you,

Pat x

Hi Sarah, I’m sorry too that this is happening to you and agree with all of Pat’s advice. When I was in my early 20’s I suffered from anxiety attacks too and it is so hard for people to understand quite how debilitating it can be unless you’ve experienced it. In my case I ended up seeing a psychiatric nurse at my house for a short course of treatment where she helped me learn calming techniques, breathing etc and we also got to the route cause through counselling. Hopefully this is something your GP can offer you. For me, the anxiety still rises from time to time but even now, 20 years on, those techniques still help me.

The only thing I can add to Pat’s advice is to try and drop everything else just for the moment and especially anything that might be a trigger. It can all wait until you feel you have this more under control. Just look after yourself.

Thinking of you x

ps - re: MS nurse - could you try to contact your neurologist directly or your neuro’s secretary and explain you have tried to contact the MS nurse but can’t so need to speak to someone on the neurology team?

Hi, the other 2 who replied have offered really good advice.

I saw an ENT specialist once, when I could feel a lump in my throat all the time. GP got me an urgent referral.

I was examined and told the throat muscles are the first thing to tighten when we are anxious.

I had just lost both my parents, 3 weeks apart, so that was the cause!

See your doc and I hope you get somewhere soon.

luv Pollx

Thank you all so much for your replies.

Pat i have done as you suggested and have bought some Kalms and have now found some paper bags which was harder to find then you might think my partner ended up while buying a pasty in Greggs asking the assistant for a few of their bags as all i could find were sandwich bag with handles! (if i use them i’ll cut the handles off).

My worst moments are when it starts to get dark and when i go to bed… reading helps but i have to keep light on all night.

I was shopping in Aldi earlier and found myself getting anxious because they did’t have my regular washing up Liquid (how irrational is that, just chose another one does it really matter) but i couldn’t help the feeling.

I will as suggested try the hospital again on monday and try and get hold of my MS’ secretary and find out whats happening I am sure there is a reason but that in itself is making me feel anxoius. I am not sure about my Neurologist Secretary as my MS nurse has referred me to a new one after seeing me before Christmas, so i haven’t got an appointment to see her until May as my March appointment was cancelled so i feel everythings up in the air at the mo.

Thank you all again.



Hi Sarah The only other thing I can add to the above is a classic counselling tip. Keep a photo handy of a really happy time such as a holiday snap. When you feel an attack coming on look at the photo at the same time as consciously controlling your breathing…in through the nose for the count of three and out through the mouth for the count of five. Xx

I can only reiterate what pat poll n everyone has said. I really feel for you, I’ve had severe anxiety probs for nearly 2 yrs now, gp and neuro serve treatment has been second to none and although slow my state of mind is improving daily. The symptoms u describe r exactly what I have and I just want u to know 2 things. 1. There are plenty helpful meds with minimal side effects that really help. 2. You WILL reach a stage soon where you are NOT SCARED of the anxiety symptoms and can cope with the feelings (throat etc) cos you know it will subside eventually. I am now at that stage and to be honest I’ve stopped noticing it most of the time. Usually only aware of it if I wake at night and can’t go back to sleep. Look forward with me to the time it will disappear just as mysteriously it appeared. And feel proud of yourself , you re an inspiration to others with kids, you’re doing just great!

Hi all,

Went to see GP today and he has said its anxiety and given me Citalopram so we will see.

Also managed to get through to my MS Nurse this afternoon and i am going to see her on Friday so i feel a sense of relief, all sorts of thoughts were going through my head. Daft i know.

A big thank you to you all for your tips and words of wisdom i do appreciate it and they have come in very useful in the last couple of days.

Thanks Again