Wiped out by a cold??

Hi all, hope ur as well as can be. I’ve had sinus probs and nose and throat catarrh for years now. Seemed to have a cold and sore throat then upper chest sore and dry cough. Have had course of anti biotics and taken paracetamol brufen and relevant linctuses but nothing’s made any difference and now am so fatigued am hardly moving around during the day. Feel depressed and wiped out, does anyone know how long it takes to get over colds? Can’t face feeling like this much longer. Any advice welcome x

Hi there I am having a dreadful week - all cold related!! Doc said I just need to rest up. It is so frustrating. Not sure how long it’ll last if I’m honest…I have had sore throat (that lasted about a week) cough only started Tuesday. Do feel really sorry for myself as I hate taking time off (doc signed me off). Think hubby is losing the will too…seems like I have a reasonable few weeks then get hit my something (maybe working in a school with 14500 pupils doesn’t help). My mum died last month too and I think the stress has left me quite run down. So sorry to moan. I’m normally so up beat. Think I am struggling at the moment. Really hope you feel better soon and anyone else with this stupid ‘summer’ cold is resting up! Kx

No real advice but I’m the same at the moment. I rarely catch colds but when I do lately they completely wipe me out. It’s been a full week since I got this one and it’s not getting any better.

I’m just drinking loads of water, taking paracetemol, taking vit C and sucking menthol sweets.

My voice is coming and going and I’m awake most nights with the sore throat, cough and runny nose.

It’s the pits. I don’t seem to be able to fight them off at all. The last sore throat I had seemed to kick start another bout of optic neuritis which I still have (2 months later).

At least this cold doesn’t seem to be aggravating my MS symptoms (touch wood)

these infections cause a psedo relapse and it feels like all the hard work at keeping ms at bay is undone.

bladder infections are the worse.

just keep your fluids up and hibernate until it passes

carole x


I’m the same, I started a thread ‘Feeling poorly’ over a week ago. I had a headache and felt hot and dizzy for 3 days, then my nose started streaming. So it was ‘just’ a cold but it really dragged me down. I’m still full of it, I have perennial rhinitis anyway and can’t take decongestants any more due to all the other meds so I’m stuck with a bunged up nose, hacking cough. I’m also asthmatic so I’m doubling up on inhalers and having disturbed sleep due to the cough.

I know if I go to my GP I won’t get anywhere so I’m stuck with eating cough sweets round the clock and managing with it. Everything makes the fatigue worse and my legs are like jelly. I’m so fed up of coughing and feeling like cr@p. I did have 2 days off work last week but don’t like to push my luck and take more time off.

It doesn’t help that I’m still recovering from a relapse in March … Two steps forward, one back :frowning:

Fingers crossed for some nice weather over half term, at least I can pace myself and get some decent rest. I also work in a school but we are down to 800 students now so a lot quieter than it used to be and Year 11s are now on study leave and just in for revision sessions and exams. That helps …

Here’s to all us feeling better soon

Tracey xx

I’m the same, wiped out by a cold which started over a week, I started a thread over a week ago called ‘Feeling poorly’ as I had a headache and was hot and dizzy for 3 days and wasn’t sure what was causing it. Turned out to be ‘just’ a cold when my nose started streaming.

I have perennial rhinitis and asthma anyway so am all bunged up and have a hacking cough but it will be pointless going to GP. I have my B12 injection this afternoon so that will help. I’m fed up of feeling rubbish.

Fingers crossed for warm weather in half term so we can all get better soon (I work in a school too but we are down to 800 students now)

Tracey xx