A Cold That Will Not Go Away

I woke this morning and the first thing that went through my mind was Oh no here we go again!

Its not a major thing I know but I have had a cold now for just under 4 weeks and every time I start to feel better it comes back!! Its just a cold I know but its beginning to drive me mad and to be honest Its wearing me down. Started with a soar throat, head ache and general sniffles which went onto my chest (I sounded like I was trying to cough up a lung) Started to feel better after 2 weeks only to come back again again in my head, nose and throat and surprise, surprise back onto my chest. Today after starting to feel a little better yesterday I woke with head ache, soar throat and head full to bursting.

I have worked through out and tried not to give up to it but today i feel like I could just crawl under my desk at work and slowly die. I am sure its just Man flu really but I don’t understand why I am feeling so run down. Is it MS related or just me feeling sorry for myself???

Sorry for the rant just needed to get it off my chest (no pun intended!!)


Hi Jason,

A normal cold lasts about a week. If it lasts longer than that, and definitely if it lasts longer than a fortnight, it is no longer a cold, and you may have a secondary infection that requires antibiotics to clear up.

No, it’s not an MS thing - except that MS makes you feel doubly crap if you get anything else too. I rarely take my own advice, but I would try to get in to see the doctor ahead of Christmas, otherwise you might be stuck with it until the new year.



Hi Jason

Just be aware that it could be a chest infection and for that you may need antibiotics. If you are coughing up green phlegm, that’s usually a good indicator of a chest infection. Of course it can still be a chest infection without that sign.

Think about visiting your gp if symptoms persist.

Good luck xx

Thanks for coming back to me, I kind of knew I should go to the Doctors but like you Tina I never take my own advice and tend to leave ot until I flat on my back!!

I think this is a chest infection and yes green is the colour of the week, well two weeks to be honest. I just wondered if having MS makes me weaker when I get a cold. Never had one that lasted the better part of 4 weeks and each time I inject I appear to go down hill (Inject Avonex Monday evening) which is kind of normal but just not picking up after the affects as usual.

Anyway, thanks for getting back and again, sorry about the rant I just needed to off load!

Hi, I take vitamin c everyday because I was getting lots of colds and with ms I think it makes you feel worse I don’t get any now just a few sneezes.